[How does hawthorn dry?

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[How does hawthorn dry?
】 _Hawthorn_How to eat_How to eat

Elderly people are prone to some cardiovascular system diseases. This is because when people reach old age, the functions of blood vessels will decline, the elasticity of blood vessels will decrease, and there will be slight replacement of blood vessels.Patients need to cooperate with doctors for treatment. In addition, they need to learn how to adjust their diet. Patients usually eat more hawthorn, which has a good therapeutic effect. How can fresh hawthorn be dried?

How does hawthorn dry?
Don’t soak the hawthorn when you wash it, as soon as you soak the nutritional ingredients.

After washing, use a dry towel and roll the hawthorn inside so that the water on it is gone.

Then, poke the pedicle off and cut it three times evenly.

When cutting, do not remove the nucleus, keep it, because there are ingredients in the nucleus that can reduce fat.

Finally, prepare a sign, put it on one by one, and turn it over the next morning, basically you can finish one sign in two days.

Generally, you can buy two or three pounds at a time. After drying, you can buy a new one.

Finally, put the dried hawthorn in a gauze bag and hang it on the balcony.

Sometimes I wash clothes at night, so I shake it so much, that’s to change the direction. After a while, I go through it like this. I can move it twice a day, and it won’t be long.

I believe everyone knows that dried hawthorn flakes are a kind of food with great nutritional value and edible effect.

Dried hawthorn tablets are made from fruits for medicinal purposes. They are mildly warm, sweet and sour sugar, enter the spleen, stomach, and liver meridians.Symptoms such as acid, diarrhea, intestinal wind, backache, kidney qi, postpartum occipital pain, endless lochia, and stagnation of milk in children can be cured.

Chinese ancient medical scientists have long estimated the softness and deconstruction of dried hawthorn tablets.

So can dried hawthorn flakes be homemade?

How to make dried hawthorn flakes?

In fact, the method of making dried hawthorn tablets is not difficult.

First, you can prepare fresh hawthorn, wash it, and then dry it; secondly, remove the handle of the hawthorn fruit, that is, the seed.

Then slice it with a knife and cut it horizontally, that is, one circle at a time, about three or two.

Keep the seeds inside, don’t remove them; after you cut them all, put them in a larger piece, place them one by one, and then cool them down, don’t expose them to the sun. Remember, only the ventilation is OK, and they are turned every day and a half.Once, and then the next day.

Until you feel the taste is right, you can store it in bags.

It’s so simple to make homemade dried hawthorn flakes.