How to solve the aunt grains on both ends of the nose_1

How to solve aunt grains on both ends of the nose

A lot of grains suddenly came out of the pure white nose. Every time my boyfriend stared at me, I felt very sick. It wasn’t my boyfriend’s nausea. I was afraid that the boyfriend would be sick and he ran away.

  Aunt is a very common skin problem. It is white pimple large and small. The cause is a small wound on the skin. During the process of skin self-repair, a small white cyst is generated. It may also be caused by sebum.Cover, can not drain to the epidermis normally, thus accumulating white particles formed in the skin.

It is not impossible to eliminate.

  1. Increase the frequency of exfoliation and increase the number of exfoliation for deep skin cleansing to ensure the excretion and absorption of the skin. MMs with oily skin recommend exfoliating once a week, while MMs with thinner skin and sensitive skin suggest halfOnce a month.

  2, you must drink plenty of water every day to help the body detoxify, can eliminate aunty face.

The effect of drinking lemonade is good. Cut the lemon into thin slices, soak 1-2 slices in a cup of freshly boiled water, and put it in an empty stomach every morning.

Can enhance peristalsis of the stomach and help digestion.

And lemon has an effective bactericidal function, can reduce blood lipids, help the body to eliminate toxins and excess oil, can eliminate obese particles.

  3. Make-up MM remember to remove makeup thoroughly. If you make up every day, if you do not remove makeup before going to bed at night, you can remove makeup and it is not clean, it is easy to cause small particles on the face. After completely removing makeup, you can apply a face with hot towel for 3 minutes,Open the pores on the face thoroughly, then use a cotton swab to dip an appropriate amount of fresh lemon juice and apply it to the place with the seeds. Wait for 5 minutes to clean it.

  4. Vitamin E can remove trace particles. After cleaning the skin every night, evenly apply vitamin E oil to the place where there are trace particles. After about two weeks, the trace particles will be replaced by themselves. It may not be effective for some trace particles. However, apply vitamin E.This method is safer and there are no alternatives.

Ankle exercises activate blood in the legs

Ankle exercises activate blood in the legs

Yoga ankle flexible exercise limb: flexible ankle, activate leg blood, reduce leg fatigue.

  Method: Sit on the cushion, lean back slightly, insert the fists with both hands into the buttocks, the eyes of the fists forward.

Freely swing your feet to relax.


Gently swing, not too high.


Press your fist to the ground and support it upwards. Don’t concentrate all your pressure on your waist.


The spine relaxes and contracts.

  The sitting posture starts from the sitting posture, ensuring that the weak mothers can warm up slowly and prepare for further improvement of the body shape.

  Tip: Strengthen the muscles at the back of the body to protect the buttocks and waist of pregnant women.

  Method: Kneel on both knees, support both hands, and keep thighs and arms parallel.

Open your five fingers, pull your right leg back, your toes on the ground, and your heels to the back of your head in a straight line.

Hold 3-5 breaths.

Repeat on the other side.


If the wrist is tense, check it and turn the arms and elbows opposite each other.


Open your five fingers as far as possible, flat, and close to the ground.


Be careful not to overstretch your arms and bend your elbows inward. If your elbows are overextended, bend your elbows slightly to make them straight.

  Hero seat: Fracture: Improve varicose veins in the arm and allow blood to return.

Stretch the front muscles of the thighs to relax the tense muscles.

  Method: Kneel on the pad, separate the heels of the two feet, and the toes are opposite.

Sit in the depression formed by the feet.

Cross your fingers, raise your arms to the top of your head, flip your palms, palms up.


If you feel pressure on your knees or stretch your thighs, roll a blanket or yoga pad to the lower left.


If the knee joint is too tight, or the abdomen is too large, the legs can be slightly separated.

It is most effective to drink vegetable water from aphtha in summer

It is most effective to drink vegetable water from aphtha in summer

In summer, the air is dry and the temperature continues to rise. Many people develop aphthous ulcers and it is not easy to heal.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts point out that drinking sores is the most effective for aphthous ulcers, which can effectively remove the so-called “inner evil” and help laxative.

Aphthous ulcers are mainly related to heart fire; a stomach health problem may also cause aphthous ulcers.

One point, people who suffer from aphthous ulcers also have dry stools or a problem with only one stool every few days.

To solve the problem of aphthous ulcers, the best way is to defecate and let the “evil qi” have a way out.

The simplest and most effective way to pass stool this season is to drink vegetable water, which is called water used for amaranth when cooking leafy vegetables such as rapeseed and rape.

In addition, you can also choose to drink senna leaf water to intestinal laxative. This medicine is an effective alternative to those with constipation.

However, the effect is not good for a long time, so it is not suitable to use the same medicine for laxative use for a long time.

Young women who are prone to aphthous ulcers may alternately take cassia seeds, Shengjun, senna, etc.

Mix 30 grams of Yuanming powder with 500 grams of honey and drink one spoonful a day.

8 rules to win the boss’s best impression

8 rules to win the boss’s best impression


Pleasure in pain.

No matter how arduous the job you accept, you must do your best to do everything you can. Don’t show that you can’t do it or don’t know where to start.


Courage to take pressure and responsibility.

Don’t always shirk responsibility on the grounds that this is not my job.

When extra work is assigned to you, don’t prevent it from being considered as a possibility.


Go to work early.

Don’t think that no one has noticed your attendance, the bosses are all watching with wide eyes!

If you can come to the company earlier, it will cause you a meaningful job.


Good at studying.

To become a successful person, it is necessary to establish a lifelong view of learning.


Speak carefully.

Confidentiality at work must be kept secret.


Be quick.

Your boss ‘s time is more valuable than yours. No matter what job he temporarily assigns to you, it is more important than the work at hand. You must complete the task quickly and accurately in a timely manner. The quick response to the boss ‘s impression is beyond the money.

keep cool.

Those who can be calm in the face of any contradiction have an advantage from the beginning.

Bosses and customers do not admire those who have the same voice in the face of crisis, but appreciate those who can solve the problem properly.


Don’t be too optimistic about future expectations.

Don’t expect everything to go according to your plan.

Instead, you should always be prepared for possible errors.

Lecture Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lecture Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the causes of the disease are nothing more than three major categories: one is the external cause, the other is the internal cause, and the third is the internal and external cause.

  The so-called external cause refers to some pathogenic factors experienced from the outside world (nature), which are equivalent to the parasites, bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc., which are now known. These substances exist in nature and cause diseases after they invade the human body.

These external pathogenic factors are also known as “foreign evil” in traditional Chinese medicine (the factors that are harmful to human body are collectively called “evil”).

  The so-called internal cause refers to certain pathogenic factors that arise in the human body, such as bad mood, improper eating habits, excessive exertion or ease.

These endogenous pathogenic factors are also called “endogenous evil” in Chinese medicine.

  The so-called non-internal and external causes mainly refer to a class of diseases with obvious etiology such as atrioventricular atrium, bruises, ruptures, burns, scalds, frostbite, and insect bite.

  In addition, there are some secondary pathogenic factors after illness, such as phlegm drink and blood stasis, which have become new pathogenic factors, damaging the human body and causing diseases.

  Let’s first look at the diseases caused by external causes (also known as “exogenous diseases”).

  The cause of exogenous diseases is external evils. Traditional Chinese medicine divides external evils into six types: wind, cold, heat, wetness, dryness, and heat (fire).

  In the natural world, there are normal climatic phenomena such as wind, cold, summer, wetness, dryness, and fire (heat).

Liuxian is an appellation for the abnormal changes of Liuqi.

The ancients believed that abnormal climate change can cause diseases (modern science also proves that in different climates, bacteria and viruses have different fertility and pathogenicity).

Traditional Chinese medicine uses the name “wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, heat (fire)” and its characteristics to summarize all the causes of diseases caused by external factors interfering with the human body.

  First look at the characteristics of pathogenic wind.

What kind of situation can we judge the patient feels the evil?

  Because the wind is the main air in spring, the wind in nature has a sudden, rising, spreading, coming and going, making things shake.

TCM has attributed the expected reasons for these characteristics to wind.

Wind-induced disease has the following four characteristics: ● Flying: The wind has the characteristics of floating up and out, so it is a yang evil, and the disease is characterized by the diseased position on the surface and easy dissipation.

Therefore, headache, nasal congestion, itchy throat, cough, bad wind, fever, sweating, etc. caused by a cold usually belong to the feeling of wind evil.

From the beginning of the disease, you can use “1 large ginger egg, 5 red dates, water decoction, warm clothes); you can also use 10 grams of perilla leaves, or 10 grams of nepeta, 6 grams of bellflower, 3 grams of licorice, decoction,Warm service.

The ginger, perilla leaves, and nepeta in the recipe all have the effect of dispersing wind. These prescriptions have a good effect on those who have early symptoms of colds such as bad wind, nasal congestion, itching, and cough.

  ● The number of good deeds: Good deeds refer to the complications caused by wind evil, which are characterized by the indeterminate position of the disease position, such as the pain of muscles and joints traveling, and rheumatoid arthritis with indeterminate pain.

The number of changes, that is, the manifestations of wind-induced pathogenic changes, such as itchy skin of acute measles, rashes appear from time to time, one after another.

Snake meat such as white flower snake and black-snake snake is commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat these joint and skin diseases, because snake meat has a good effect of expelling wind.

  ● Kinetic: It means that the wind evil has the characteristics of shaking, so all involuntary shaking, such as sudden fainting, dizziness, hand shaking, smoking, corner arch reversal, facial muscle spasm, etc., are all caused by wind evil.

Cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis caused by hypertension are characterized by sudden onset, fainting, unconsciousness, and tremor of mouth and eyes, so they are called “strokes.”

Also use anti-fengfeng medicine when treating.

  ● Frequently caused by evil: Wind evil multiple invades the human body separately, and often causes diseases together with other external evils, such as wind and cold, wind and humidity, wind and heat, wind and dryness, etc., forming complex pathogenic factors, causingThe disease manifests both characteristics of external evils.

Because wind is the main cause of exogenous diseases, there is a statement that “wind is the best of all diseases”, and sometimes even evil refers to external evils.

  Those who meet the above characteristics are diseases caused by wind.

In Chinese medicine, there are corresponding anti-wind drugs such as scattered wind, Qufeng and Xifeng.

Breakfast often eat cereal to activate the body is slimmer

Breakfast often eat cereal to activate the body is slimmer

A new study suggests that the proportion of women who prefer to eat cereal for breakfast and those who choose other breakfast foods or simply do not eat breakfast is more likely to be lighter than others.

  It is unclear whether cereals have a direct effect on weight control, but researchers believe that the relative fiber, vitamins and minerals in many boxed cereals may have some credit.

  Researchers at Michigan State University in the United States are based on a national health and nutrition survey conducted by US health officials from 1999 to 2000.

Of the 4,218 adults surveyed, 77% were accustomed to having breakfast and 22% were eating ready-to-eat cereal.

In women, even taking into account factors such as exercise and total transfer, people who ate cereal breakfast were 30% less likely to be overweight than those who did not.

However, women who like other foods for breakfast have a higher probability of being overweight than women who do not eat breakfast.

  The researchers pointed out that it was impossible to control some of the weight of the cereal itself.

At least, compared to eating other breakfasts, cereal lovers consume more fiber and are slightly obese — this type of nutritional intake is usually thought to control weight.

They believe that minerals can also help control adults, so the milk that is poured into the cereal and the calcium contained in the cereal itself may also be important.

Men in the urban areas have the most psychological problems

Men in the urban areas have the most psychological problems

Core tips: According to surveys by relevant departments, people with mental disorders account for 10% of the total population, and 25% of people in cities have significant or hidden psychological crisis, and white-collar workers are quite prominent among them.

  White-collar workers are most susceptible to mental illness. Here psychologists have provided us with many cases. If you can take a seat with these examples, then, like a cold, go to a psychiatrist!

  Problem 1: Successful people need to adjust their psychology. A deputy general manager in charge of sales has worked wholeheartedly for the company for 10 years and made great contributions.

However, he feels that “getting” and “paying” are not commensurate, especially with the general manager’s index, the psychology is even more unbalanced. However, he does not have the confidence to go it alone, so it is extremely contradictory and painful.

  Answer: “White-collar workers” are more likely to be troubled by interpersonal problems, emotional problems, emotional problems, psychological stress problems, personality problems, and neurosis.

Moreover, these problems cannot be told to relatives and friends, nor can they be solved by taking medicine.

Therefore, the help of psychologists should be a very important factor in their lives.

  Question two: White-collar men’s pressure range can often be seen driving a brand-name car, wearing a brand-name suit, appointing a brand-name man with a brand-name backpack.

It seems that they are very beautiful. In fact, these white-collar men are under tremendous psychological pressure.

  Solution: First, workaholic.

Many white-collar men work up to 12 hours a day, while the normal work time is 8?
For 10 hours, if you work for more than 12 hours for a long time, it will cause stress if you seriously exceed the body’s own load.

  Second, extreme loss.

Everyone’s life will always abide by a lot of dissatisfaction, not everyone is enough to solve the problem, so there will be a “lost feeling”.

  Third, it is difficult to endure high pressure.

White-collar men who have been in a fierce competition for a long time are often extremely nervous, depressed and depressed, which causes the emotional decline to be interrupted.

When I can’t bear this kind of mental stress, I often cannot control myself and lose control.

  Fourth, the family crisis.

The working environment, social environment, and value choices between family members, and emotional orientation may hide and trigger family crises.

Even when there is no reason for conflict, stress can come to you through your family.

This makes many white-collar men depressed and unhappy all the time, and sometimes anxious and upset.

  Fifth, the fight against disease.

Illness is most likely to cause depression, and some will lose the confidence in life.

The stress of illness comes from the worry of losing a healthy body and losing confidence in recovery.

  Six, greed is too high.

If you have a high desire for money or wealth, it is greed, which will make your relaxed brain nerves tense for a long time, accelerate normal cardio-brain movement, and produce a beat that is inconsistent with normal physiological functions., Sad, hurt.

  Question 3: White-collar beauties are “hard-working” and work well, and white-collar women with high incomes, many of them are not happy.

Inferiority, loneliness, fear of old age, and pursuit of perverted beauty are common psychological problems for white-collar women.

There are many common psychological problems for white-collar women. For example, it is unrealistic to deal with interpersonal relationships. It is unrealistic to see other women succeed. The results are counterproductive. They lack self-confidence.Loneliness; wearing fancy clothes for beauty or self-expression, losing weight indiscriminately, dreaming that you can be more beautiful.

In addition, the problems of marriage and love are also quite similar: some unmarried people are afraid of contact with the opposite sex and fear of getting married; married people have problems such as personality and psychological discord between couples, disharmony in sexual life, and extramarital affairs.

  Answer: If this psychological pressure exceeds the tolerance limit, it will cause psychological disorders and even mental illness, and cause physical reactions, such as endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, breast hyperplasia, and severe cases can cause fatigue syndrome.

Dr. Xu believes that the main cause of psychological problems is because he does not understand himself.

White-collar women should understand their strengths, weaknesses and existing problems, change in a timely manner, and if necessary, they can turn to psychological counseling and treatment.

  Question 4: It is not easy to be alert that the “third state” can work and live fully.

On the contrary, many people have experienced depression, easy fatigue, unwillingness to exercise, insomnia, headaches, and inattention. Some people even have this situation for a long time or often, but they can go to the hospital for examination, but they still feel uncomfortable after leaving the hospital.
This marginal state between health and disease is medically called the “gray state” or “third state”.

And white-collar workers are precisely the main population of the “third state.”

  Answer: At this stage, people tend to feel confused about their goals and feel tired. They should re-evaluate their abilities and values and look for new higher-level life goals.
If the job position is unlikely to change in the near future, but the tedious work content makes you motivated, you need to consider learning new knowledge and updating your mind. New things always make people curious and excited.
  Question 5: “Age of Panic Disorder” invades a middle-aged white-collar lady, Zhang, who works in a foreign company after graduation.

Her youth and high salary have always been envied.

Today, more than a decade later, her mood began to weigh heavily, and she had to be a prospect for her own prospects.

She thought about the murder of a stable job by a former company or agency, but almost all recruitment conditions required “under 35 years of age.”

  Answer: In fact, human resources experts believe that middle-aged white-collar workers aged 35 to 50 have their own advantages. Their rich experience is a valuable asset and should not be wasted.

At present, there are still better ways for middle-aged white-collar workers, such as studying abroad to increase the “gold content”, thereby increasing promotion opportunities, and starting a company as a boss.

  Question 6: Tomorrow, foreign companies suspect that Mr. Zhao, a foreign company, thinks of himself like this: Do you have more money?

It’s quite a lot, at least several times more than the average wage of the average wage earner.

However, compared with the big money, it happened to be shy again.

Having reached middle age, the education background is not outstanding in the entire company. The life of foreign companies always feels that the future life is really unpredictable.

Foreign companies are always ambitious in planning their future life, which is a few times more luxurious than the current one. They are also worried about changing the future. They may not even be able to maintain the current level.

  Answer: Foreign companies are the battlefield for young people. They work hard for several hours a day, travel around the country and around the world, and work hard.

In the long run, can we not be ill?

Once you fall ill, why not not be fired?

Therefore, many people always warn themselves: don’t have a crisis from your own body, don’t be defeated by yourself.

6 post-holiday clear fat soup drinks

6 post-holiday clear fat soup drinks

The Spring Festival has passed unknowingly. During the festival, the life of big fish and meat can easily lead to greasy. Here are six ways to clear the fat soup after the Spring Festival: Beef meatballs Soup: 200 grams of calf meat, first the beefChop into mashed meat, pour in red wine, add onion and black peppercorns, and finally add egg whites to make the mashed beef into small balls.

Pour into a boiling water pot. After the high heat is boiled, remove the foam, and cook for a while on a low heat, add carrot pieces and cook until cooked, season with salt and serve.

  Mushroom black fungus kelp soup practice: 50 grams of kelp, 100 grams of black fungus, 2 shiitake mushrooms, shredded kelp, black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, add olive oil, cook under salt and serve.

  Sweet potato tremella syrup method: 1 sweet potato, 1 tremella, honey amount.

Sweet potato peeled and cut into pieces, tremella fungus softly chopped, and boiled together with water, cook for about 20 minutes.

After cooking, add the right amount of honey to taste, and you can drink it as sugar.

  Tomato porridge practice: one tomato, 50 grams of indica rice, moderate sugar.

Tomatoes are scalded with boiling water, peeled off, and cut into cubes.

Boil hot water, add indica rice, tomatoes, and boil over low heat. Add sugar to serve.

  Lotus seed lily and glutinous rice porridge: 30 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of lily soaked in water for 20 minutes, 100 grams of glutinous rice are poured into a pot and boiled. After setting low heat for about 10 minutes, put the soaked lotus seeds and lily, and cook until thick and ready to eat.
  Red bean spleen porridge practice: 50 grams of red beans, 100 grams of yam, 50 grams of barley, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 5 jujubes, coriander seeds and glutinous rice.

Wash the yam, peel it, cut into pieces, put it in a pot, add water to boil it with wuhuo, and use simmer to cook. Add the above ingredients, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and cook before eating.

Interpersonal relationship of housewives

Interpersonal relationship of housewives

Male friends.

  Almost all men still like to associate with their former boyfriends after marriage. This is a vast world, which makes them obtain emotional satisfaction and psychological balance.

This cannot be provided by gender relations.

  When husbands and friends are together, they are more willing to talk about their troubles, because they do not want to appear in front of their wives as weak people.

Their helplessness and extreme annoyance can only be expressed vividly in the presence of their close friends.

This is a human need.

  The wife should be considerate and understanding of the friendship between husband and friend.

  not limited.

The wife should be considerate of her husband from the bottom of her heart, and realize that sometimes the language and emotions between the husband and wife cannot completely make the husband express his own hobbies and interests.

There is a husband and wife who love calligraphy and carving art, and usually like to meet with friends, discuss calligraphy, carving and other issues, and talk about it late at night.

His wife never restricts, and these friends come to visit the family on New Year’s Day. The wife always takes the initiative to do housework and entertains.

As a result, the husband’s artistic accomplishment and the feelings between husband and wife are increasing day by day.

  No problem.

A man once said, “I was most moved that my wife’s least concern for me and my boyfriend was time and money.

It turned out that his wife gave him plenty of time to spend with his friends and never saved money, so her friends’ friends respected her very much.

  Not unionized.

Husband talking with friends is an emotional release.

What they say is mostly what they know, understand and feel.

Wife should respect their social activities and not inquire about many things in detail.

Of course, interrogation is necessary, and this is also concerned, but if everything is asked, the sentence “full root” is not appropriate.

  Female friends.

  Women are susceptible to suggestions, talking to female friends, and even more implicitly and indirectly, women will quickly understand, accept, and cause resonance and sympathy.

This is one of the reasons why men need female friends.

  Men’s psychology expects to find all kinds of friends, especially from female friends, to find different qualifications from male friends and their wives.

The husband associates with a female friend in the same way as a male friend, and there are also reasons for his association, some work reasons, life help and so on.

  It is irrational to express dislike to her husband’s female friends and colleagues.

The best way to deal with it is to turn your husband’s girlfriend into your own friend, participate in their interactions and activities, and gradually become their good friends.

  As for the husband’s former lover, the wife should pay more attention to methods.

The husband broke up with his former lover, but it is undeniable that they had a good past.

For the husband, he does not want to mention the past. A sensible wife should try not to mention such a topic in front of her husband, let alone deliberately ridicule and ridicule her husband when she conflicts with her.

This will not only stimulate the husband’s self-esteem, but also make the husband doubt the current love, and the boots affect the relationship between the husband and wife.

  In short, a generous wife should treat people with special temperament, grace, and cultivation, so as to become a woman admired by all the men and women of her husband.

Baby’s sleep problem: Is it better to sleep in the same bed or alone?

Baby’s sleep problem: Is it better to sleep in the same bed or alone?

The four disadvantages of the same bed, from birth, should be the owner of the bed.

Many parents think that the baby is still small and always sleeps with the mother, so that it is easy to take care of him and know his needs at any time. In fact, sharing the bed with the parents will affect the baby’s growth and development: 1.
Adults who are prone to hypoxia have higher levels of carbon dioxide in their exhaled air, and the baby’s brain development needs more oxygen. When sleeping with the baby in the same bed, it is easy to cause insufficient oxygen supply to the baby’s brain, and the robe affects the normal development of the body.

  2.Asphyxia danger During sleeping in the same bed, adults will be pressed to the baby by turning their bodies, which may easily lead to the danger of asphyxia.

  3.Two or even three people with poor sleep can easily affect each other, such as snoring and “unscrupulous” sleep, especially for babies whose nervous system is still developing, which can lead to unstable sleep and wakefulness in the middle of the night.Conducive to the healthy development of heart disease.

  4.Infectious diseases In daily life, adults are exposed to complex environmental conditions. They must be clean and unavoidably carry a lot of bacteria on their bodies. Babies also have a weak ability to resist infections and become ill.

  The three benefits of sleeping alone: Your baby has a separate sleeping space when she has her own crib.

In addition to better avoiding the defects of mother and child sharing the same bed, it is also beneficial to the baby’s physiological development: 1.
Purify the environment.

  No one breathes at the baby, the surrounding air will be refreshed, which is very good for the baby’s health; 2.
Good for safety.

  Evidence shows that sleeping alone can effectively reduce the incidence of sudden infant death, which is inseparable from the free space of sleeping alone; 3.
Cultivate independence.

  Sleeping alone from a young age will help your baby reduce dependence on parents, and it will also greatly help to avoid separation concerns in the future.

  We all know the pros and cons of sleeping alone with the mother and child, but there are still parents who will catch a cold for the baby’s sleeping alone. A baby under one year of age needs timely care in all aspects. If he is allowed to sleep aloneHow can you be assured of a room?

For this reason, our recommendation is -1.

In order to take care of small babies immediately and conveniently, it is recommended that parents can sleep in the same room with the baby but in different beds.

The specific method is as follows: the method of discharging a large bed and a small bed is the most common method for newborns. Place the baby’s small bed next to the large bed, so as to avoid the danger of sleeping together.At the same time, it is also convenient for parents to take care of their babies at night and get two birds with one stone.

  The second way is to pull up the curtain, and the standby baby is slightly larger on both sides, which can create a way that is both magical and conducive to the baby’s ability to sleep alone. Pull up a beautiful curtain between the baby cot and the big bed, and play with the babyThe cat game not only makes your baby feel happy and likes this way of sleeping, but it will not stop you from caring for your baby.

  Way 31. Two bedrooms and two sets of sleep. If the area of the house allows, you can open up a world of exclusive baby in the corner of the bedroom.

On the one hand, you can place your baby’s crib; on the other, collect his toys under the crib, so that the baby will gradually become familiar with his small territory, and get used to this kind of independent consciousness of “my place is my master”.


Babies over one year old should have their own room. The baby can walk, run and talk slowly. The little adults who have undergone urinal training have also gradually reduced the number of “drawing maps”. Should they have their own small room?Is it?

  The first way is to open the door transparently and safely. The baby who just slept in his room may not be used to it, he will be scared and he will wake up.

Parents can comfort him before going to bed, encourage the baby to be courageous, and tell him: “Mom’s door is open and she will always look at the baby and it is safe.

“It is also convenient to observe your baby’s sleep at any time.

  Method Two: Accompanying to Dreamland In order to help your baby adjust his emotions and quickly adapt to the new environment, parents can develop a good habit of telling stories to him every day before going to bed, or humming lullaby to coax him to sleep, then slowly exit the room.

Sleeping in a sense of security is good for your baby’s physical health.

  Method 3 Creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby to find companion is very important for the baby who is adapting to his room.

Parents can let the baby choose a toy he likes, and then say to him, “Tonight, the furry bear will accompany the baby to sleep!

“Let’s find a towel with the baby and think that the quilt is covered on the fluffy bear, and then said to the baby:” Look at the cubs sleeping, let the babies sleep. There is a cub with you, no one dares to disturb you! ”

Way 4: To help parents worry about their baby’s bed wetting or quilting, a product that can remind parents that their baby is wet is on the market.

With the help of this product, parents will always know if there is something happening to the baby while sleeping alone.

  It not only has the function of reminding urination, but also can be safe for turning over in sleep, and reminds you of kicking the quilt.


New tricks for sleeping alone in the transition period You may have missed the critical period of developing your baby’s sleeping habit.

After you have slept with your baby for two or three years, and suddenly realize that you should let your baby sleep alone, this will cause you some trouble.

However, even if you do, you should act quickly, because some of the difficulties of the baby can be separated.
For the big baby sleeping alone, we provide you with a transitional new trick-sleeping combination upper and lower crib.

  Now in the home market, there is a combination of children’s beds, bunk beds, and various toys for babies.

In the transitional period when your baby sleeps alone, you are on the next baby, this is not only to give your baby a safe psychological transition, you can also take the opportunity to relive the high and low time

And this kind of bed is very practical and long-term. When you gradually fade out of the baby’s room, the upper bunk can also become the home of baby toys!