Jujube Kernel

Jujube Kernel

Jujube Kernel (“Lei Gong Cannon”)[Synonym]Jujube Kernel (“Pharmaceutical Chemicals”), Jujube Kernel (“Jiangsu Zhiyao”).

  [Source]is the seed of Rhamnus plant Ziziphus jujuba.

  [Toxicity]150 g / kg of jujube kernel was administered to mice without intragastric administration. Chronic toxicity experiments in rats proved that the toxicity was very low. The mice were injected with a lethal dose of 14.

33 ± 2.

015 g / kg.

  But extreme doses are also toxic.

  [Processing]Sour jujube kernel: The original medicine is added to the bamboo shoots and sunk into a clear water tank to make the kernel float on the water surface and the shell sink to the bottom. The jujube kernel is removed and dried.

  Stir-fried jujube kernels: take clean jujube kernels, stir fry in a pot until the outer skin bulges and turns slightly yellow, remove and let cool.

  Pyro-date jujube kernels: Take clean jujube kernels and stir-fry in a wok until 50% turns black and red. Remove and let cool.

  [Sexual taste]sweet, flat.

  ① “The Book”: sour, flat.

  ② “Do not record”: non-toxic.

  ③ “Ben Cao Yan Yi”: lukewarm.

  ④ “Drinking to eat”: sweet and sour, flat.

  [Gujing]Enter the heart, spleen, liver, and gallbladder.

  ① “Outline”: Foot Jue Yin, Shaoyang.

  ② “Lei Gong Pao Pharmaceutical Sexual Solution”: the four classics of heart, spleen, liver and gall bladder.

  [Function Indications-Efficacy of Sour Jujube Kernel]nourishes the liver, calms the heart, calms the nerves, and astringent sweat.

  Insomnia, insomnia, thirst, sweating.

  ① “The Book of Sutras”: The main heart is cold and hot, evil qi gathers, limbs are sore, and wet paralysis.

  ② “Don’t record”: the main one is upset and can’t sleep, the umbilicus is painful, the blood turns to bleed for a long time, the sweat is anxious, the tonic, the liver and the qi are strengthened, the yin and qi are invigorating.

  ③ “Medicine theory”: the main tendon, fried soup for soup.

  ④ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: sleep more often, do not sleep well.

  ⑤Wang Haogu: For treating biliary deficiency, insomnia, cold, and fried clothes; for treating biliary, sleep more, heat, and use it raw.

  ⑥ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Convergence of Qi and soothe the nerves, glory and tendon, and stomach and spleen.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica”: Pinggan Regulating Qi, nourishing the lungs and nourishing yin, warming and dampening dampness, astringent qi and antiperspirant, Yi Zhi Ding Ha, Cong Er Ming Ming.

  [Usage and dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 2-5 money; or into pills, powder.

  [Should be avoided]Those who have real evil stagnation fire and mixed slippery discharge should be cautiously taken.

  ① “Compendium of Materia Medica”: evil and self-protection.

  ② “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: Do not use the liver, gallbladder, spleen three classics with real evil heat, because of its convergence.

  ③ “Being Compatible with Materia Medica”: Liver-prosperous, irritable, and sleepless, replace.

  ④ “Materia Medica seeking truth”: Sex is more moist, and slippery is the most taboo.

  [Selection]① Treatment of deficiency, fatigue and annoyance, do not sleep: Sour jujube kernels two liters, licorice one or two, Zhimu two or two, Poria cocos two or two.

  Take the five flavors, use eight liters of water, boiled jujube kernels to get six liters, take three liters of boiled medicine and boil three liters, and divide the temperature into three servings.

  (“Summary of Lack of Gold” Sour Jujube Decoction) ② Governing bone steaming, upset cannot sleep: two or two jujube kernels.

  Take two large and half water, filter and extract the juice, cook rice porridge to make porridge, when it is ready to cook, add dihuang juice to combine, cook it slightly, eat it without timing.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang” Sour Jujube Kernel Porridge) ③ Treatment of biliary deficiency sleep and restlessness, and my heart was shocked: one or two jujube kernels.

  Stir-fry to make it fragrant.
  For each two servings, adjust with bamboo leaf soup, regardless of time.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) ④ Treatment of heart deficiency, unconsciousness, horror and alarm, often stunned, easy to forget, restless sleep, dangerous dreams, all heart diseases: Sour Jujube (slightly fried, peeled)Ginseng, one or two each, cinnabar (researched fine, water flying) half two, frankincense (researching points in a bowl sitting in a water bowl).

  The four flavors are ground and stopped, and the honey pill is as big as a marble.

  One capsule per serving, with warm wine, jujube soup is also available.

  (“Binfang” Ning Zhi cream) ⑤ cure gall bladder and poisonous qi, irritability, and drowsiness: one or two jujube kernels (for raw use), two or two whole wax tea, apply ginger juice to the marrow, make micro focus, poundLuo Weisan.
  For each two servings, seven minutes in water and six minutes in frying, warm all the time.

  (“Briefing Ji Fang Fang”) ⑥ Treatment of night sweats during sleep: Sour Jujube Kernel, Ginseng and Poria.

  The top is fine, and the rice drink is lowered by half.

  (“Puji Fang”)[Beyond the Masters]① “The Book of Sketches”: Sour Jujube Kernel, the master of the “Book of Classics” is upset and cannot sleep. It is used by doctors today.Dalton different.

  And Hu Qiazhi can’t sleep. There are jujube kernel soup, jujube kernel two liters, Poria, atractylodes, ginseng, licorice each two or two, ginger six or two.

  Cut six things, cook three liters with eight liters of water, and divide into four servings.

  Master Shen could not sleep, and was troubled. There were jujube kernel soup, jujube kernel two liters, Poria, atractylodes, ginseng, licorice each two or two, ginger six or two.

  Cut six things, cook three liters with eight liters of water, and divide into four servings.
  Master Shen could not sleep, and was troubled. There were jujube kernel soup, jujube kernel two liters, amaranth, dried ginger, poria, tadpole each two or two, licorice one or two , and cut, use a bucket of water, cook firstJujube, minus three liters, and then take five things to cook, take three liters, and serve.

  One side, more Gui one or two.

  Two soups of Chinese jujube are used together and can’t sleep.

  ② Zhu Zhenheng: If the blood does not return to the spleen and is restless, you should use this (jujube date kernel) to fill the heart and spleen. The blood is returned to the spleen and Wuzang is peaceful.

  ③ “Outline”: Sour Jujube Kernel, sweet and moist, so familiar with the treatment of gallbladder deficiency can not sleep, thirst and sweating; the use of bile fever and sleep well.

  They are all Jueyin and Shaoyang medicine, and today people think that they are the medicine of the home.

  ④ “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: Ziziphus jujuba, the fruit is sour, and the kernel is sweet.

  Specially tonic liver and gallbladder, also regain spleen.

  When cooked, it is fragrant, and the aroma enters the spleen, so it can be returned to the spleen.

  Can replenish gall bladder, so it can warm bile.

  The mother and child’s steam is communicating, so the master is also annoyed and can’t sleep.

  The main confidante is cold and hot, evil spirits gather, and the limbs are sore and damp, and the spleen is affected by evil, and the spleen is also affected by the limbs.

  The gall is the first of all the internal organs. The eleven internal organs are all consistent with the bile. The essence of the five internal organs is all spleen in the spleen.

  ⑤ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Ziziphus jujuba, although the sexual convergence and dull odor, when adjuvanted with other medicines, see its work, such as Zuogui, ginseng, can converge the heart; Zuogui, 芍, can converge the liver; Zuogui, surgery, Can condense the spleen; Zuogui, wheat, can converge the lung; Zuogui, Bai, can converge the kidney; Zuogui, Ling, can converge the intestine, stomach, bladder; adjuvant, differentiation, can converge Qi and irrigate the camp;Zonggui, ground, can condense blood and nutrition is really overcast.

  Gu Fang is also good for treating bile and qi.

  Such as guts emptiness, upset and not sleep, speculation can also be used.

  ⑥ “Compendium of Materia Medica”: Sour jujube kernels, all make up five Tibetans, such as lack of heart qi, panic, loss of consciousness, or unreasonable perspiration, spontaneous perspiration and night sweats; lack of lung qi, shortness of breath, timidity, dry cough without sputum; lack of liver qi,Fractures of bones and bones, claw nails withered; insufficient kidney qi, loss of spermatorrhea, urinary leaching; insufficient temper, cold and heat gathering, lean muscles; insufficient bilious gas, trembling, fear, anxiety, etc.The disease of Wu Zang’s partial loss, the sweetness and warmth of the jujube kernels, the peace of mind and the ability to converge.

  Drug “Medical Drugs”: Jujube, Renzhu Bu, Pi Yi effort, its qi fried incense, turned into lukewarm, use incense to penetrate the heart, get warm to help the mind.

  Fanzhi is suffering from blood, using wisdom to damage God, causing guilty conscience, loss of spirit, astonishment, forgetfulness, sweating and thirst, and must be used.

  Take the fragrant temperature to warm the liver and gall, if the bile is weak and the blood is not upset, use this to make the liver, bile and blood enough, the internal organs will be peaceful and sleep peacefully; if there is real heat in the bile, sleep more and should be bornBeneficial flat breath.

  Because of its sweet and fragrant flavor, the aroma enters the spleen, can awake the spleen and yin, and treat those who have hurt the spleen and long-term diarrhea can all work.

  ”Ben Jing Feng Yuan”: Sour jujube kernels, ripening converges semen, so the treatment of biliary deficiency can not sleep, thirst and sweating; while the students lead to deficiency of heat, so the treatment of bile fever is good for sleep, and dizziness and fatigue.

  It is sexually harvested according to Sour Jujube acid, and its kernels are sweet and warm, and can disperse the liver and stagnation of the second meridian. Therefore, the “Ben Jing” is used for treating colds and heartburn, agglomeration of evil qi, and soreness and paralysis.Liver and spleen blood.

  Covering liver deficiency is yin hurt and upset, can not hide the soul, so do not sleep.

  Typhoid fever, annoyance, sweating, and virtual person night sweats are all cooked and used, always taking the fluid that converges the liver and spleen.

  [Performance]Sweet, sour and flat.

Can nourish the heart and liver, soothe the nerves, and relieve sweat.  [Reference]Contains a lot of rare oils and proteins, and contains sterols, trioxides, jujube saponins, and a lot of vitamin C.

  It has sedative, hypnotic, analgesic, anticonvulsant effects; it has a certain antihypertensive effect; it has an excitatory effect on the uterus.

  [Use]It is used for lack of yin and blood, palpitations, insomnia and forgetfulness;

  [Usage]10-15g a day.

Decoction, porridge; ground powder, 3-5g each time.

  [附方]  1.Sour jujube kernel porridge: 10g of jujube kernel, 15g of radix rehmanniae, 100g of previous rice.

Jujube, Dihuang water decoction, add rice and porridge.

  From “Sheng Hui Fang”.

This formula nourishes the soothing nerves with Ziziphus jujuba, and regenerates Huanghuang and Yin.

For heart yin deficiency, upset fever, palpitations and insomnia.


Jujube ginseng powder: 20g jujube kernel, 12g ginseng, 30g Poria.

Joint research is fine.

Take 5-6g each time with warm water.

Can also be cooked in porridge.

  Derived from “Puji Fang” (originally without a party name).

This recipe uses Sour Jujube to gather sweat, ginseng tonify lung qi, and Poria soothe the nerves.

For physical weakness and sweating, night sweats.

Because the three can also raise their hearts and soothe their nerves, they can also be used for sleeplessness.

Don’t get into these three misconceptions

Don’t get into these three misconceptions

Exercise is conducive to the health and fitness of our body, but the method of exercise and the amount of time required to exercise should be appropriate. Therefore, when we exercise, we must grasp the method of exercise, which is mainly safety and must not be carried out.High-volume exercise and fast explosive sports.

  If the amount of large-volume exercise increases, the oxygen, nutrients and metabolites required by the human body will increase accordingly. This depends on the heart’s increased contraction and frequency, and increased cardiac output to transport.

When doing a large amount of exercise, the cardiac output cannot meet the body’s need for oxygen, leaving the body in a state of hypoxia and anaerobic metabolism.

Anaerobic metabolism does not use adults as the main energy release, but mainly breaks down the glycogen stored in the human body as energy release.

Because in a hypoxic environment, a small number cannot be used, and some incompletely oxidized acid substances, such as ketone bodies, are used to reduce human endurance.

Blood sugar reduction is an important cause of obesity. After a short period of high-intensity exercise, blood sugar levels decrease, and people often increase their appetite, which is not good for fat loss.

  For short-term exercise, during aerobic exercise, the glycogen stored in the human body is first used to release energy. After 30 minutes of exercise, the energy released from glycogen is released to a trace amount of energy. After about one hour of exercise, the exerciseThe energy required is mainly for adults.

  Fast explosive power human muscle is composed of many muscle fibers, which can be divided into two categories: white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers.

During exercise, such as when performing rapid explosive power exercises, the main muscles are white muscle fibers, and the cross section of white muscle fibers is relatively thick, so muscle groups tend to develop and grow strong.

Using this method to lose weight will become more and more “rough”.

  In short, if you want to achieve the goal of whole body weight loss, you should do low-medium intensity heart rate of 120-160 times per minute, continuous (more than 1 hour) endurance aerobic metabolism whole body exercise.

For example, aerobics, jogging, long-distance continuous swimming, etc.

See through the seven selfishness of an unmarried woman

See through the seven selfishness of an unmarried woman

The spouse selection of men and women is diverse, and each person can have a different spouse selection.

The above are just a few basic spouse selections.

There is a saying: those who benefit from intercourse, those who disperse when they are best, those who intercourse with sex, those who are poor from sacrifice, and those who intersect with the heart can achieve eternity.

See through the seven selfishness of an unmarried woman!

Let’s take a look at the seven selfishness of a single woman.

  (1) Career-oriented mate selection In fact, everyone is willing to admit this, and they hope that their targets can become the backbone of their careers and careers, but due to various factors, currently, there areThere are not many people who choose this kind of spouse, but many of them are still among the intellectuals.

They regard their work performance and career progress as the greatest happiness of adult students.

Use the other person’s entrepreneurial spirit and hard work spirit as an important key code on the mating balance, and pin the happiness of love in the struggle of career.

This love is eternal because of the eternity of the cause.

  (2) The mate selection mentality in pursuit of spiritual satisfaction Through the advancement of social civilization and the improvement of people’s cultural quality, more and more people have this swollen mate selection mentality. They focus on each other’s ideological feelings, moral qualities, personality hobbies, etc. and pursue each other’s mindCommunication and rapport.

As long as you can be happy and satisfied mentally, it doesn’t matter if the other party’s financial conditions and physical conditions are not good.

This kind of spiritual love is noble. Many love stories passed on as beautiful talks belong to this scale’s psychological pursuit of love.

  (3) The psychology of choosing a spouse in pursuit of appearance beauty. This psychology occupies a very important position among young people. Everyone wants their objects to be more beautiful and handsome. This is natural, but if you pursue this appearance, So often go astray.

The love that comes from each other’s beautiful appearance is short-lived.

With the passage of time, love also disappears through the aging of appearance.

As Goethe puts it: “The beautiful appearance can only please you for a while, and the inner beauty can last forever.

(4) Money-oriented mate selection This type of mate selection is more common, especially in economically backward areas.

They put each other’s financial situation first, and their marriage is to get a comfort zone that can satisfy them to eat, wear, live, play, or to take advantage of survival.

This kind of marriage based on material and money is not reliable, because economic conditions can be changed. It often loses the attractiveness that unites the hearts of the two because the other party has lost the favorable material conditions, so they have to part ways.
  (5) Spouse-seeking psychology in search of political support. This kind of spouse-seeking psychology is quite common in feudal society. They open their career paths through marriage, or consolidate the nepotism in officialdom, the so-called political marriage.

Although this kind of spouse selection is not common now, unless there are many people with other pictures, they do not highlight the emotional and psychological compatibility of the two, let alone a concubine, and hide behind the marriage.The unspeakable motives of love are put first in love.

This love is also unreliable.

  (6) When some people are required to have perfect mate selection, there are a lot of pre-set criteria. Those who do not meet one or two of them, even if they are in other respects, are not considered.

Although people with this kind of mate selection mentality are mostly young first lovers, they often become older youths.

  (7) Game of spouse selection Only a few people have this kind of mentality.

In the name of love, they play with other people’s feelings. They look for flowers and ask willows. Their outlook on life and love are rotten. As a result, they can’t bear true love in their entire life.

  In short, there are many kinds of spouse selections for men and women, and each person can have different spouse selections for others.

The above are just a few basic spouse selections.
There is a saying: those who benefit from intercourse, those who disperse when they are best, those who intercourse with sex, those who are poor from sacrifice, and those who intersect with the heart can achieve eternity.

Inducing initial imbalances 7 reasons affecting immunity

Inducing initial imbalances 7 reasons affecting immunity

Obviously cherish his body, but always get sick.

This is a trouble many people encounter.

So I asked, did you pay attention to your initialization health?

If you look at the health of the primary, your immunity will decline, and diseases will naturally haunt you.

  Colds, fevers, high blood pressure, pneumonia, and bronchitis. When we are repeatedly repeated in these common lives, we can’t help asking how to get better quickly.

But have you ever thought about how to keep yourself from getting sick?

Medicine has shown that susceptibility to illness is the most direct manifestation of low immunity, so it is not just a simple matter of getting sick and taking medicine, we should also know how to plan ahead.

  do you know?

Fundamental health affects your immunity. Immunity is the body’s own defense mechanism. It is the body’s ability to resist foreign invasions, identify and exclude foreign bodies. Therefore, people with low immunity are prone to fragility and illness.To leave, we must strengthen our own immunity.

  So what determines our immunity?

In addition to congenital factors, the acquired environment also has a great impact.

We all know that the intermediate is an organ for digestion and absorption. In fact, it is not just that. It is also an important immune organ of the human body. It interconnects to help us absorb nutrients and replace the function of blocking harmful bacteria.All are deployed in the body, and the number of lymphocytes in the intestinal mucosa far exceeds other lymphoid tissues, forming an immune barrier with each other, and it plays a role in resisting bacteria and toxins, maintaining the stability of the internal environment and human immunity.Important role.

  However, while protecting our health, our intermediates are also affected by our diet, mood, drugs and other factors. When encountering some adverse factors, the beneficial bacteria in it will be reduced and the inherent flora will be out of balance., A variety of unhealthy conditions will occur.

Let us now look at the 7 factors that influence the health of interactions!

  1, partial eclipse, overeating do not pay attention to balanced replacement of nutrition, uncontrolled diet will affect the health of interaction.

  2. When the disease is sick, the advantage of harmful bacteria proliferation in the body will directly affect the balance of the intermediate flora.

  3. Improper use of antibiotics Improper use of antibiotics will affect the external environment, disrupt the intestinal flora balance and cause diarrhea.

  4. Bacteria contamination In hospitals and other environments, bacteria may spread to each other, which may cause chaos.

  5. As the age grows, it will inevitably begin to grow, and harmful bacteria will become more dominant, causing an imbalance in the flora.

  6. Sudden changes in temperature and temperature also cause intestinal flora.

  7, stress response, overwork Under the influence of bad mood, stress and fatigue, harmful bacteria in the intestine will increase, which is not conducive to food digestion and normal excretion.

Crying to see if your child is sick

Crying to see if your child is sick

Children’s expressive ability is poor, and their mouths are difficult to open. As long as the parents are careful enough, they can learn from the child’s abnormal mental state.

  If an adult has a headache and brain fever, he knows how serious it is, and when he is uncomfortable, he knows how to go to the hospital for treatment.

Young children are not good at language skills and are not good at expressing their discomfort. Newborns and babies only know how to express everything with a cry.

At the time of the cold invasion in winter, children’s colds, fever, bronchitis, hypertension, pediatric enteritis, etc. are all common diseases. Common diseases, how do parents judge the baby’s physical condition?

  Whether the children are energetic and eat as usual and sleep well, these are the criteria for judging their physical condition and whether they need to go to the hospital for treatment. Parents can make judgments from the following aspects.

  Message one: If the rabbit moves away from the rabbit and becomes dull, if the wooden chicken is placed in a child, it will be lively and active. Even a quiet child must be full of energy and vitality as long as he is healthy.

If your child is uncharacteristically unhealthy, he used to be alive and kicking, but now he looks impatient and impatient.

I used to be able to eat and sleep, but now my appetite is significantly reduced and my sleep is restless and so on.

These are all signs of disease and deserve recognition.

  Sometimes the child is even a little discomforted, but if as usual, the mental state is good, it means that the body is in good condition, and you don’t need to worry too much.

  Signal two: “Face change” The complexion also directly reflects the physical indicators. If your child’s face blushes like a red apple on weekdays, his complexion is now not a good sign.

  Signal three: Crying loudly makes healthy babies unable to speak yet. Crying is their only way of expression. No matter they are hungry, pulled, uncomfortable, they wake up to tell their parents with a cry.

Attentive parents can also distinguish different situations from crying.

Some children lie on the skin. Although they are crying with red ears and red ears, and their liver and intestines are broken, they must sound like Hong Zhong, full of gas.

And the sick child is not like this, they may cry violently for no reason, may cry abnormally and weakly, or may become abnormally quiet from the “baby cry” . other crying even “heartbroken” will make the audience moveAs long as the child’s face is as usual, it means that there is no serious illness.

  Signal 4: Diarrhea is a common problem in children. Sometimes parents pay attention to replenish their children with water, pay attention to a light diet, and children can get better without medication, but some signs represent different natures of the disease, and it is worth asking a doctor for treatment.

If your child vomits, has a lot of diarrhea, or has a small number of stools, but has a watery or bloody stool, or is accompanied by marked oliguria, you need to see a doctor.

  Signal 5: Children’s Responsiveness A child’s response is also a criterion.

If the child is not as clever as usual, ignorant or even confused, or the language becomes incoherent, the apparent slower response is a sign of illness.

  Any one of the above signals of the child is a manifestation of the state of the body disease, and even represents a major accident. Don’t delay, it is recommended to go to the hospital for pediatric examination immediately.

The above symptoms are also very important to the physician and should not be ignored. If the disease can not be determined for a while, further examinations or even hospitalization for observation are needed.

It is inevitable that the child will have some minor illnesses and minor pains in the process of growing up. If the above abnormal signals do not indicate that the situation will not be too serious, parents need not worry too much or rush to see a doctor.

  The winter weather is getting colder, and we ca n’t shrink at home. We should bring children to fresh air and sunlight, and increase outdoor activities. This can help children improve the resistance of respiratory mucosa, which is a good way to prevent diseases.

Parents expect too high children to escape

Parents expect too high children to escape

Nowadays, many parents regard computers and the Internet as the top evils that affect their children’s learning and growth. According to the latest weekly survey on the topic of school openings by China Psychology.com, the most likely problems are currently being solved.There are also many parents who are obsessed with the Internet. Among them, junior high school students account for 16.

5%, high school students ‘parents accounted for 19%, college students’ parents accounted for 7.

5%, and “the method adopted” means that there is nothing to do, and more than half of the parents want to smash the computer.

  Why does this happen?

On February 25th, at the weekend public welfare class of the seventh session of the National Health Promotion Program jointly launched by the China Psychological Education Center and other professional psychological institutions, “Psychological Guidance and Internet Addiction”, the leading lecturer Yin Yun said: “Many children think that the virtual worldMore attractive than the real world, but if those kids who like to play basketball go online, they will definitely not do it.

On the contrary, children who are under pressure to study, lack communication with parents, and other hobbies often use the Internet as their “good friends.”

Therefore, there are two main psychological causes of Internet addiction: 1. Reverting to children entering adolescence, supplementing many psychological needs, but not fulfilling them, releasing and venting the environment, conditions and abilities of these normal needs, for many children, The network becomes the only exit.

The Internet can give the child what he needs, likes, but cannot get in real life, for example: real life is tedious, there is no other content than learning.

Has a sense of value and accomplishment in real life, can be “king” on the Internet, “unify China”, and can be admired; lack of self-confidence and ability to communicate with others in daily life, but can’t meet on the Internet, Can make them let go of themselves, for the first time generous, chic with people.

  2. Escape the expectations that children carry in real life. They are too high and exceed their ability to bear.

Some children’s parents have bad feelings and complicated family relationships, making it easier for children to feel helpless, helpless, and the Internet has become a safe haven.

  Therefore, in the face of the children’s evasion and compensation, parents should not just blame their children and the Internet, but should take responsibility for themselves.

The key to solving Internet addiction is to create conditions to recover the child’s psychological needs, so that he does not need to go online to seek satisfaction or escape from the Internet. The main alternative is to let the real world have to overcome him.

If conditions permit, he hopes that parents and their children will establish a set of “weekly time mechanism”: 1) require that the child must do every day is not affected; 2) guarantee a rest time every day; 3) the child promised to do activities once a weekParents encourage them to complete.

Five-colored sticky rice with all colors

Five-colored sticky rice with all colors

Five-colored glutinous rice is one of the traditional flavors of the Zhuang people. When it comes to it, there is such a moving story: the legend of the Three Virgin Mother Yin Sifan married the world and violated the rule of heaven, so he was put into hell by the emperor jade emperor.Give her something to eat.

Shen Xiang’s son Shen Xiang, in order not to make her mother hungry, put the meal in hell for her mother, but when she passed by the prison gate once, she was eaten by the janitor.

Chen Xiang came up with a method: use maple leaf juice to soak the glutinous rice into black rice and cook it into green rice (that is, five-color rice). The gatekeeper never ate the black rice and thought it was poisonous and he dared not eat it again.

Since then, Chen Xiang’s mother has survived this green rice to sustain her life.

Shen Xiang’s filial piety touched Heaven, and the Jade Emperor released the Three Virgin Mary.

  In fact, Agarwood’s production of Qingjing rice is a part of the story of “Baolian Lantern”, which has already become a complex for Zhuang people.

Today, both in the countryside and in Nanning, the capital of Zhuang Township, five-colored glutinous rice has become one of the cuisines of people of all ethnic groups.

In spring, five-colored sticky rice is particularly popular in the market.

On March 3 or Ching Ming Festival, when people go to sweep the graves of their ancestors, they must bring a bowl of five-colored sticky rice with fragrance, and sacrifice their loved ones in front of the grave with other food.


hzh {display: none; }  五色糯米饭是从枫味、黄姜或黄芪、红兰花草、紫藤等植物中提取汁液后蒸煮糯米而成,故有白、黑、红、黄、紫5种颜色,The production method is as follows: first select an appropriate amount of high-quality glutinous rice, soak and wash it, divide it into 4 parts, then smash the above-mentioned plants, filter the juice after soaking, and pour it into glutinous rice for soaking. After a few hours, glutinous riceIt will be dyed black, red, purple or yellow, and then put the four colors of glutinous rice and undyed white glutinous rice in a steamer and cook. After they are out of the basket, mix and stir well to become five-colored glutinous rice.

It has a bright color and botanical fragrance, which is really “showy and delicious”.

When eating, you can pour sugar or sesame oil if you like sweetness; add salt, sesame oil or lard if you like salty taste; you can also put it in a pan and stir-fry evenly before eating; if you add other ingredients, tasteMore delicious.

  The five-colored glutinous rice is even full of color and fragrance, which is also beneficial to human health.

Maple-flavored juice, Li Shizhen mentioned in “Compendium of Materia Medica” that human food can “strengthen bones and bones, benefit the stomach and intestines, perform blood, and nourish the marrow”.

Du Fu also wrote a good sentence for him, “Is there no Qingjing rice to make me look good?”

  Black, red, yellow, purple and white are the five main colors commonly used by the Zhuang people.

Therefore, the five-colored glutinous rice reflects the unique ethnic customs of the Zhuang people; the five-colored glutinous rice symbolizes good luck and good harvest.

The people of Zhuang Township blend this kind of flavor food with the activities of sacrificing ancestors and entertaining God, which is full of national and local tastes.

Family, relatives and friends tasted the five-colored sticky rice together.

4 kinds of sports let us actively talk to the mind

4 kinds of sports let us actively talk to the mind

Deep in our hearts is the most vulnerable flower.

The shadow of childhood loneliness, the lingering inferiority complex, the self-violence and self-abandonment after failure, and so on, seem to have deep nail marks on it.

To get rid of these evil spirits deep inside you also need some effective exercise.

  Jogging: the power of the “heart” of intellectual beauty: eliminate irritability, patience and cleanliness 20?
A 30-minute jog can promote the brain to secrete a substance that replaces morphine, which makes people happy.

Long-term jogging can help you quit pride and irritability, and eliminate bad bad habits.

This Saturday morning, pick up your MP3 and go downstairs in the community or park to enjoy a long journey of patience!

  Swimming: the role of the mermaid’s “heart” for relief: eliminating the melancholy water and letting us have a mother-like sense of security. We face various pressures and sorrows, but we don’t know how to talk to our hearts?

Try to make a deep-sea fish once.

In a azure swimming pool where the sun can shine, let us relive the hydrophilicity deep inside.

You can close your eyes to feel the closeness of the water to the body; you can look up at the blue sky, miss the wide sky, and feel the back shield brought by the communication with the water.

Let exercise communicate with your heart, let worry and depression become a splash of water that is pulled away by your forward arm, and you have to be the happiest and most relaxed mermaid.

  Golf: Takes you into the heart oxygen bar. “Heart” force: Reducing stress and relieving distress. Green not only relaxes your optic nerve, but also has a very powerful calming effect, which can further relieve inner pressure.

Hospitals in many countries can be painted a faint pink-green color, which has a certain effect on relieving depression.

Golf is pressurized with a “healthy green sport”, a large swing, the whole body’s steering coordination and looking up to bring the weighed down soul into a brand new green wild trail.

  Tennis: Keeps you away from the “heart” force of the grieving woman: venting anger, reducing self-restraint. Tennis is expensive and sweaty. It is an ideal sport for venting emotions and rejuvenating.

After exhaling deeply, try to hit the ball hard, like opening the deep dissatisfaction and anger deeply.

Pay attention to every hitting point right now, adjust your mindset to do the simplest action at present, and hit every ball with all your strength—if we use the same spirit to face all the problems in life, they will notIs it easy to solve?

Put aside self-suppression-are you ready for the racket?

Man and woman

Man and woman

1 A man is a woman created by God according to the needs of the world 2 A man is created by God according to the needs of men 2 After a man falls in love with a woman, he will be a poet, and when a woman falls in love with a man, she will dream.I think men and women often go to Qin Muchu 4 Women’s housekeeping skills are coquettish men’s good play is lying 5 women’s happiness lies in: he really loves me men’s happiness lies in: she deserves me love 6 women should have plump spots men should haveA plump purse 7 A woman kissing a man is a kind of happiness A man kissing a woman is a blessing 8 When a woman is desperate, she will marry a man When a man is desperate, a woman will divorce him 9 A smart woman will marry爱她的男人做老婆愚蠢的女人会嫁给她爱的男人做老婆10做情人的时候,女人会让男人心疼做妻子的时候,女人让男人头疼   11少女习惯用眼神征服男人少妇习惯用眼泪征服Man 12 The man who swears for a woman is ridiculous The man who makes money for a woman is lovely 13 If a man proposes a divorce, go to往It ‘s because he does n’t like her wife anymore. If a woman proposes a divorce, 14 people insist on being single, people will think that he has a career and the actual situation is: 15 women insist on being single because they ca n’t find good people, and men insist on being single because they are looking for不到对象16女人习惯把赌注押在爱情上男人习惯把赌注押在婚姻上女人17女人能够忍受不幸的婚姻,不能忍受不幸的爱情男人能够忍受不幸的爱情,不能忍受不幸的婚姻   18一个忧郁的There must be an unfortunate love behind a woman. There must be an unfortunate marriage behind a sloppy man. 19 Women remarry to gamble. Men remarry to try their luck. 20 Women always want her to be his last woman. Men always want him to be.Her first man . 21 The good looks of 21 women make men fall quickly into the sweet words of men and make women happy to be pulled down in love. 22 Men pursue women, such as women chasing men across a mountain.With a layer of paper instead, in real life: 23 men can often chase women he likes, but women have to不The reason for her loving man is: 24 men are not afraid to cross the mountains, but women are afraid of hurting their fingers. 25 The way to get love is to attack quickly. The way to gain love for women who embrace love in the burning is to slowly penetrate.Then taste the fragrance of love in peace. 26 Cosmetics are for women, confidence for men, hallucinations. 27 Men are clever when they are in love. Women are stupid when they are in love. 28 The way a man tests a woman is to go away and test a man.It is late for dating 29 men are in love for marriage, women are married for love 30 men are drunk, and women have more talk after marriage 31 men love to simplify the complicated process, women love to complicate simple things 32 men are ruthlessTreating the first love as a one-time drink and discarding it after satisfying the desire, the woman affectionately regards the first love as the breastfeeding adult, and tastes his aftertaste for lifePut in the wallet 34 Men fall in love because there is nothing to do, women fall in love because curiosity drives men人Annoyed woman disappointed 35 men want girlfriends to experience as little as possible, women want more boyfriends to experience as much as possible 36 men use eyes when they are in love, women use their hearts 37 when men are in love, men’s eyes rely on radiation, and women’s hearts on the back 38Trap fishing love, people like to watch love at all costs 39 men become pitiful after falling in love, women become nervous after falling in love

Essentials of diet for insomnia

Essentials of diet for insomnia

Insomnia is painful and annoying. After excluding psychogenic factors, and the scientificization of dietary life, a considerable number of insomniacs can be “liberated”.

The main points and recipes of rehabilitation diet are introduced here.


Eligible food name: “foreign fried eggs”.

It has a preventive function against insomnia and is highly respected in Japan.

  Specific method: Add 1 tomato to boiling water, quickly pick it up, add cold water, peel and slice, and fry with vegetable oil for later use.

6 eggs, mashed, add 250 milk?
300 ml, add the above salt and pepper well.

Take another 150 grams of cheese and chop them evenly.

Heat 500 ml of salad oil.

Add egg liquid, mix gently, then add the tomatoes, stir well and fry.

  Analysis: The key to the hypnotic effect of this dish is the combination of rich protein and oil, while tomatoes supplement vitamins and reduce greasiness.

They complement each other and are worth promoting and applying.

When eating, pay attention to: First, it must be applied for dinner, and second, you must not drink tea to get tired.

You don’t have to eat one whole at a time.


The main points of the rehabilitation diet protein enters the human body and is broken down into various amino acids, of which tryptophan is the raw material for the synthesis of serotonin (existed in the brain) related to sleep.

Therefore, the excessive absorption of tryptophan can induce sleep.

Tryptophan-containing foods include fish, meat, eggs, etc., but the most abundant are dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Dairy products are especially effective for insomnia because they contain calcium that calms the nerves with free radicals.

Insomniacs who drink a glass of milk or yogurt before bedtime will have a good hypnotic effect.

  Dinner or night meals can be eaten with a small amount of snack food.

Due to the slow digestion of pregnant women, the blood in the head will be concentrated in the inpatient department, which makes people feel sleepy and seduce to sleep.

Uncle, the best is linoleic acid-rich vegetable oil.

You can use this oil to fry (fried) chicken drumsticks, pork chops, oysters, meatloaf, etc.

  Before going to bed, you can drink alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, whiskey and Japanese sake.

These wines have a certain degree of paralysis on the central nervous system, and have the effect of stabilizing the nerves and eliminating tension, so they can play a sleeping effect.

On the other hand, tea, coffee and other caffeinated beverages have the effect of exciting the nerves of the brain, so insomniacs replace it before bed.