[How does hawthorn dry?

】 _Hawthorn_How to eat_How to eat

[How does hawthorn dry?
】 _Hawthorn_How to eat_How to eat

Elderly people are prone to some cardiovascular system diseases. This is because when people reach old age, the functions of blood vessels will decline, the elasticity of blood vessels will decrease, and there will be slight replacement of blood vessels.Patients need to cooperate with doctors for treatment. In addition, they need to learn how to adjust their diet. Patients usually eat more hawthorn, which has a good therapeutic effect. How can fresh hawthorn be dried?

How does hawthorn dry?
Don’t soak the hawthorn when you wash it, as soon as you soak the nutritional ingredients.

After washing, use a dry towel and roll the hawthorn inside so that the water on it is gone.

Then, poke the pedicle off and cut it three times evenly.

When cutting, do not remove the nucleus, keep it, because there are ingredients in the nucleus that can reduce fat.

Finally, prepare a sign, put it on one by one, and turn it over the next morning, basically you can finish one sign in two days.

Generally, you can buy two or three pounds at a time. After drying, you can buy a new one.

Finally, put the dried hawthorn in a gauze bag and hang it on the balcony.

Sometimes I wash clothes at night, so I shake it so much, that’s to change the direction. After a while, I go through it like this. I can move it twice a day, and it won’t be long.

I believe everyone knows that dried hawthorn flakes are a kind of food with great nutritional value and edible effect.

Dried hawthorn tablets are made from fruits for medicinal purposes. They are mildly warm, sweet and sour sugar, enter the spleen, stomach, and liver meridians.Symptoms such as acid, diarrhea, intestinal wind, backache, kidney qi, postpartum occipital pain, endless lochia, and stagnation of milk in children can be cured.

Chinese ancient medical scientists have long estimated the softness and deconstruction of dried hawthorn tablets.

So can dried hawthorn flakes be homemade?

How to make dried hawthorn flakes?

In fact, the method of making dried hawthorn tablets is not difficult.

First, you can prepare fresh hawthorn, wash it, and then dry it; secondly, remove the handle of the hawthorn fruit, that is, the seed.

Then slice it with a knife and cut it horizontally, that is, one circle at a time, about three or two.

Keep the seeds inside, don’t remove them; after you cut them all, put them in a larger piece, place them one by one, and then cool them down, don’t expose them to the sun. Remember, only the ventilation is OK, and they are turned every day and a half.Once, and then the next day.

Until you feel the taste is right, you can store it in bags.

It’s so simple to make homemade dried hawthorn flakes.

[Can bananas be eaten in the first trimester]_Banana_Early pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can bananas be eaten in the first trimester]_Banana_Early pregnancy_Can I eat

Banana is a favorite food for many female friends. Banana contains rich nutrition. As long as you master the correct way of eating, it is good for your health, but many women do n’t know whether they can eat bananas when they are pregnant.What the experts say.

First, can pregnant women eat bananas?

Some people say they ca n’t eat it because they are cold fruits.

Some people say that being able to eat is good for potassium supplementation.

Can I eat bananas during pregnancy?

Calcium, phosphorus, and iron, as well as carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin C in bananas are especially rich, suitable for pregnant women.

At the same time, bananas can increase the expected fiber, which can better relieve pregnant women’s constipation.

The benefits of eating bananas for pregnant women: 1. Preventing hypertension: Bananas are rich in potassium, which can help pregnant women excrete excess sodium ions to control blood pressure, which is a good food to prevent pregnancy-induced hypertension.

2, prevent constipation: bananas supplement nutritional fiber, pregnant women eat bananas can stimulate insulin peristalsis and help defecation.

3, effective weight control during pregnancy: Many people use bananas as a staple food source during weight loss. Pregnant women who are overweight can eat bananas appropriately to increase their satiety and control their weight within an appropriate range.

However, because the banana is cold, and the constitution is biased to the cold, it is best to avoid it.

For example, cold stomach (stomach bloating), deficiency cold (diarrhea, easy to faint), nephritis (also belongs to deficiency cold), feet swelling during pregnancy, it is best not to eat bananas raw.

Unless banana meat is cooked, it should not be eaten until the coldness has subsided.

Even though Hanke already eats bananas, it is acceptable to steam the bananas and eat them.

2. Precautions for pregnant women to eat bananas. Bananas are soft and tender. They are a favorite fruit for many pregnant women, and they can also add hydrochloric acid and calcium needed by the human body. Therefore, bananas are very suitable for pregnant women.

However, you should pay attention to the following when eating bananas: 1. Pregnant women with poor stomachs cannot eat more bananas. Eating too many bananas can easily cause diarrhea.

Early pregnancy diarrhea can cause miscarriage, and early pregnancy diarrhea can cause premature birth.

2. The sugar content of bananas is high, so eating too many bananas before measuring blood sugar will cause high blood sugar data.

3, eat less bananas in the first trimester, it is better to eat bananas in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, you ca n’t eat too much because you like it, just eat one a day.

4, can not eat unripe bananas, otherwise it will cause constipation.

5. It is not advisable to eat bananas on an empty stomach, because bananas have metabolized magnesium elements. Magnesium is a sensitive factor that affects heart function and inhibits cardiovascular function.

Third, pregnant women eat bananas on an empty stomach. Is it bad for human health to eat bananas on an empty stomach? Because bananas are rich in sugar and fiber, they can help digestion and laxative effect.Bananas will speed up the movement of the stomach and intestines, promote blood circulation, increase the load on the heart, and easily lead to myocardial infarction.

Bananas contain a large amount of magnesium, and eating more can increase the magnesium content in the blood, which will have an inhibitory effect on the human cardiovascular system, which can cause obvious numbness, muscle paralysis, and symptoms of lethargy and fatigue.

Generally, it is safer to eat bananas after meals or when you are not obese.

Ginseng Dumpling

Ginseng Dumpling

[Source]Folk recipe[raw materials]5 grams of ginseng powder, 15 grams of rose honey, 30 grams of cherry honey, 30 grams of black sesame, 150 grams of sugar, 30 grams of chicken oil, 15 grams of flour, and 500 grams of glutinous rice flour.

  [Production]Cook the chicken oil and let the filter residue cool; flour in a dry pan and fry yellow; stir-fry black sesame seeds, crush rose honey and cherry honey into a mud, add white sugar, sprinkle ginseng powder and mix well, makeChengxinzi; mix the glutinous rice flour evenly and wrap the Xinzi to make dumplings.

When the water in the pot is boiling, cook the rice balls in the pot.

  [Usage]It can be taken early or late, and taken in moderation.

  [Efficacy]Buzhong Yiqi, soothe the nerves.

For spleen deficiency and diarrhea, palpitations and spontaneous sweating, fatigue and fatigue.

How to solve the aunt grains on both ends of the nose_1

How to solve aunt grains on both ends of the nose

A lot of grains suddenly came out of the pure white nose. Every time my boyfriend stared at me, I felt very sick. It wasn’t my boyfriend’s nausea. I was afraid that the boyfriend would be sick and he ran away.

  Aunt is a very common skin problem. It is white pimple large and small. The cause is a small wound on the skin. During the process of skin self-repair, a small white cyst is generated. It may also be caused by sebum.Cover, can not drain to the epidermis normally, thus accumulating white particles formed in the skin.

It is not impossible to eliminate.

  1. Increase the frequency of exfoliation and increase the number of exfoliation for deep skin cleansing to ensure the excretion and absorption of the skin. MMs with oily skin recommend exfoliating once a week, while MMs with thinner skin and sensitive skin suggest halfOnce a month.

  2, you must drink plenty of water every day to help the body detoxify, can eliminate aunty face.

The effect of drinking lemonade is good. Cut the lemon into thin slices, soak 1-2 slices in a cup of freshly boiled water, and put it in an empty stomach every morning.

Can enhance peristalsis of the stomach and help digestion.

And lemon has an effective bactericidal function, can reduce blood lipids, help the body to eliminate toxins and excess oil, can eliminate obese particles.

  3. Make-up MM remember to remove makeup thoroughly. If you make up every day, if you do not remove makeup before going to bed at night, you can remove makeup and it is not clean, it is easy to cause small particles on the face. After completely removing makeup, you can apply a face with hot towel for 3 minutes,Open the pores on the face thoroughly, then use a cotton swab to dip an appropriate amount of fresh lemon juice and apply it to the place with the seeds. Wait for 5 minutes to clean it.

  4. Vitamin E can remove trace particles. After cleaning the skin every night, evenly apply vitamin E oil to the place where there are trace particles. After about two weeks, the trace particles will be replaced by themselves. It may not be effective for some trace particles. However, apply vitamin E.This method is safer and there are no alternatives.

Baby’s sleep problem: Is it better to sleep in the same bed or alone?

Baby’s sleep problem: Is it better to sleep in the same bed or alone?

The four disadvantages of the same bed, from birth, should be the owner of the bed.

Many parents think that the baby is still small and always sleeps with the mother, so that it is easy to take care of him and know his needs at any time. In fact, sharing the bed with the parents will affect the baby’s growth and development: 1.
Adults who are prone to hypoxia have higher levels of carbon dioxide in their exhaled air, and the baby’s brain development needs more oxygen. When sleeping with the baby in the same bed, it is easy to cause insufficient oxygen supply to the baby’s brain, and the robe affects the normal development of the body.

  2.Asphyxia danger During sleeping in the same bed, adults will be pressed to the baby by turning their bodies, which may easily lead to the danger of asphyxia.

  3.Two or even three people with poor sleep can easily affect each other, such as snoring and “unscrupulous” sleep, especially for babies whose nervous system is still developing, which can lead to unstable sleep and wakefulness in the middle of the night.Conducive to the healthy development of heart disease.

  4.Infectious diseases In daily life, adults are exposed to complex environmental conditions. They must be clean and unavoidably carry a lot of bacteria on their bodies. Babies also have a weak ability to resist infections and become ill.

  The three benefits of sleeping alone: Your baby has a separate sleeping space when she has her own crib.

In addition to better avoiding the defects of mother and child sharing the same bed, it is also beneficial to the baby’s physiological development: 1.
Purify the environment.

  No one breathes at the baby, the surrounding air will be refreshed, which is very good for the baby’s health; 2.
Good for safety.

  Evidence shows that sleeping alone can effectively reduce the incidence of sudden infant death, which is inseparable from the free space of sleeping alone; 3.
Cultivate independence.

  Sleeping alone from a young age will help your baby reduce dependence on parents, and it will also greatly help to avoid separation concerns in the future.

  We all know the pros and cons of sleeping alone with the mother and child, but there are still parents who will catch a cold for the baby’s sleeping alone. A baby under one year of age needs timely care in all aspects. If he is allowed to sleep aloneHow can you be assured of a room?

For this reason, our recommendation is -1.

In order to take care of small babies immediately and conveniently, it is recommended that parents can sleep in the same room with the baby but in different beds.

The specific method is as follows: the method of discharging a large bed and a small bed is the most common method for newborns. Place the baby’s small bed next to the large bed, so as to avoid the danger of sleeping together.At the same time, it is also convenient for parents to take care of their babies at night and get two birds with one stone.

  The second way is to pull up the curtain, and the standby baby is slightly larger on both sides, which can create a way that is both magical and conducive to the baby’s ability to sleep alone. Pull up a beautiful curtain between the baby cot and the big bed, and play with the babyThe cat game not only makes your baby feel happy and likes this way of sleeping, but it will not stop you from caring for your baby.

  Way 31. Two bedrooms and two sets of sleep. If the area of the house allows, you can open up a world of exclusive baby in the corner of the bedroom.

On the one hand, you can place your baby’s crib; on the other, collect his toys under the crib, so that the baby will gradually become familiar with his small territory, and get used to this kind of independent consciousness of “my place is my master”.


Babies over one year old should have their own room. The baby can walk, run and talk slowly. The little adults who have undergone urinal training have also gradually reduced the number of “drawing maps”. Should they have their own small room?Is it?

  The first way is to open the door transparently and safely. The baby who just slept in his room may not be used to it, he will be scared and he will wake up.

Parents can comfort him before going to bed, encourage the baby to be courageous, and tell him: “Mom’s door is open and she will always look at the baby and it is safe.

“It is also convenient to observe your baby’s sleep at any time.

  Method Two: Accompanying to Dreamland In order to help your baby adjust his emotions and quickly adapt to the new environment, parents can develop a good habit of telling stories to him every day before going to bed, or humming lullaby to coax him to sleep, then slowly exit the room.

Sleeping in a sense of security is good for your baby’s physical health.

  Method 3 Creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby to find companion is very important for the baby who is adapting to his room.

Parents can let the baby choose a toy he likes, and then say to him, “Tonight, the furry bear will accompany the baby to sleep!

“Let’s find a towel with the baby and think that the quilt is covered on the fluffy bear, and then said to the baby:” Look at the cubs sleeping, let the babies sleep. There is a cub with you, no one dares to disturb you! ”

Way 4: To help parents worry about their baby’s bed wetting or quilting, a product that can remind parents that their baby is wet is on the market.

With the help of this product, parents will always know if there is something happening to the baby while sleeping alone.

  It not only has the function of reminding urination, but also can be safe for turning over in sleep, and reminds you of kicking the quilt.


New tricks for sleeping alone in the transition period You may have missed the critical period of developing your baby’s sleeping habit.

After you have slept with your baby for two or three years, and suddenly realize that you should let your baby sleep alone, this will cause you some trouble.

However, even if you do, you should act quickly, because some of the difficulties of the baby can be separated.
For the big baby sleeping alone, we provide you with a transitional new trick-sleeping combination upper and lower crib.

  Now in the home market, there is a combination of children’s beds, bunk beds, and various toys for babies.

In the transitional period when your baby sleeps alone, you are on the next baby, this is not only to give your baby a safe psychological transition, you can also take the opportunity to relive the high and low time

And this kind of bed is very practical and long-term. When you gradually fade out of the baby’s room, the upper bunk can also become the home of baby toys!

It is not enough to brush your teeth every day.

It is not enough to brush your teeth every day.

Core Tip: Have you used floss, tongue brush or interdental brush in addition to toothbrush?

At present, the prevalence of oral diseases in this city is close to 90%. In addition to using the correct way to brush your teeth, the public should also choose a floss, tongue brush and other things to clean the mouth.

  Floss: can clean the remaining 30% of tartar. Brushing can only clean up 70% of the tooth surface, and save 30% of the tooth.

Because the teeth are not aligned, the braces are not placed, etc., it is easy to form a sanitary corner between the teeth and the teeth. How to carefully brush the teeth may also be incompletely cleaned, resulting in oral diseases.

Nowadays, more and more people have noticed this problem, and in some daily necessities stores, flossing can also be conveniently purchased, and the price ranges from about 10 yuan to tens of yuan.

  If citizens use improper floss, they will easily hurt their gums.

In the United States, there are specialist health practitioners in the hospital who can provide advice on how to use dental floss, but at the beginning they have such a career.

The public can consult the doctor about how to use dental floss.

  How to use: Take a floss about 20 cm long and wrap it around the left and right hands.

Tighten the floss and gently put it into the gap between the two teeth until it touches the gums.

Move up and down to clean the slender tooth surface to remove plaque and food debris stuck here.

It is best to use floss after each meal.

  Interdental brush: Effectively cleans the teeth with periodontal disease, the teeth are not aligned, and the gums with atrophy of the gums will form obvious interdental joints, which can easily jam food.

In this case, the interdental brush can be used to flexibly shuttle back and forth between the teeth to ensure that every corner can be brushed.

  It is understood that the interdental brush is similar to a normal toothbrush, except that the brush of the interdental brush has a pyramid shape and is available in various models for different widths of the teeth.

  How to use: It should be used under the guidance of a doctor. It is necessary to extend the brush head into the gap between the teeth to be cleaned and move back and forth for cleaning purposes.

Since the bristles of the interdental brush are soft and vulnerable, care must be taken to replace the brush head in time.

  Tongue brush: More bacteria in the tongue, in addition to brushing your teeth, it is also important to brush your tongue.

Journals from internationally authoritative oral health institutions allegedly showed that two-thirds of the bacteria in the mouth were concentrated on the tongue.

In the United States, Japan and other developed countries have a wide range of tongue brushes like toothbrushes.

Recently, domestic companies have begun to “transplant” tongue brushes onto toothbrushes to cultivate the habit of brushing their tongues.

The reporter saw at the exhibition that the price of a tongue brush ranged from a few yuan to several tens of yuan, but most tongue brush companies still have not developed the domestic market.

  How to use: Use a tongue brush to wipe the water from the base of the tongue to the tip of the tongue and rub it several times.

Replace a tongue brush every month and clean it with a non-toxic cleansing tongue every few days.

  At present, among the patients, almost no one actively uses flossing, interdental brush or tongue brush, and the public’s concept of tooth protection needs to be strengthened.

In addition, he also suggested that in addition to daily self-oral hygiene maintenance, each person should go to a professional dental hospital or clinic for one tooth wash every three months, which can have a good preventive effect on periodontal disease.

Parents expect too high children to escape

Parents expect too high children to escape

Nowadays, many parents regard computers and the Internet as the top evils that affect their children’s learning and growth. According to the latest weekly survey on the topic of school openings by China Psychology.com, the most likely problems are currently being solved.There are also many parents who are obsessed with the Internet. Among them, junior high school students account for 16.

5%, high school students ‘parents accounted for 19%, college students’ parents accounted for 7.

5%, and “the method adopted” means that there is nothing to do, and more than half of the parents want to smash the computer.

  Why does this happen?

On February 25th, at the weekend public welfare class of the seventh session of the National Health Promotion Program jointly launched by the China Psychological Education Center and other professional psychological institutions, “Psychological Guidance and Internet Addiction”, the leading lecturer Yin Yun said: “Many children think that the virtual worldMore attractive than the real world, but if those kids who like to play basketball go online, they will definitely not do it.

On the contrary, children who are under pressure to study, lack communication with parents, and other hobbies often use the Internet as their “good friends.”

Therefore, there are two main psychological causes of Internet addiction: 1. Reverting to children entering adolescence, supplementing many psychological needs, but not fulfilling them, releasing and venting the environment, conditions and abilities of these normal needs, for many children, The network becomes the only exit.

The Internet can give the child what he needs, likes, but cannot get in real life, for example: real life is tedious, there is no other content than learning.

Has a sense of value and accomplishment in real life, can be “king” on the Internet, “unify China”, and can be admired; lack of self-confidence and ability to communicate with others in daily life, but can’t meet on the Internet, Can make them let go of themselves, for the first time generous, chic with people.

  2. Escape the expectations that children carry in real life. They are too high and exceed their ability to bear.

Some children’s parents have bad feelings and complicated family relationships, making it easier for children to feel helpless, helpless, and the Internet has become a safe haven.

  Therefore, in the face of the children’s evasion and compensation, parents should not just blame their children and the Internet, but should take responsibility for themselves.

The key to solving Internet addiction is to create conditions to recover the child’s psychological needs, so that he does not need to go online to seek satisfaction or escape from the Internet. The main alternative is to let the real world have to overcome him.

If conditions permit, he hopes that parents and their children will establish a set of “weekly time mechanism”: 1) require that the child must do every day is not affected; 2) guarantee a rest time every day; 3) the child promised to do activities once a weekParents encourage them to complete.

Do you know what is a hydatidiform mole? Be wary of these symptoms.


Do you know what is a hydatidiform mole? Be wary of these symptoms.

Sometimes, many women see that their stomachs are big and round, and they often think that they are pregnant. But after more than a month, they are told by doctors that they have hydatidiform moles. What is the meaning of hydatidiform mole?What?

Is it normal pregnancy after having a mole?

Let’s take a look at the knowledge about the moles!

What does hydatidiform mean?

I believe that some mothers have heard of the hydatidiform mole, but what is the specific case of the hydatidiform mole may not be clear, so what is the hydatidiform mole?

Hydatidiform mole is a terrible disease, and it has a high chance of canceration.

Therefore, the expectant mother in the early pregnancy must be alert to the mole!

Hydatidiform mole is a kind of pathological pregnancy. It belongs to Ziyang cell disease. It has benign and malignant points. It is the capillary microvessels of the placental villi disappear, and the villus accumulates and accumulates. It forms bubbles of different sizes and resembles grapes, so it is called hydatidiform mole.

In fact, generally go to the hospital to do B-ultrasound in about 50 days of pregnancy, you can find out, if you do not go to the hospital in time, you can also find out.

What are the symptoms of hydatidiform vaginal bleeding after menopause is the first and most common symptoms of hydatidiform mole, the incidence is generally above 98%.

Most patients are in menopause 2?
Irregular vaginal bleeding occurred 4 months later, mostly in a small amount, and gradually increased gradually, repeated attacks, or continuous, patients with anemia.

Occasionally, a blister can be found in the blood.

If the hydatidiform mole is detached from the aponeurosis, the large blood vessels of the mother rupture, which can cause massive bleeding (usually around 4 months of pregnancy), leading to shock and even death.

The hydatidiform mole grows rapidly, the uterus rapidly over-expands, often has paroxysmal lower abdominal pain, generally does not attack, can endure, and occurs mostly before vaginal bleeding.

Abdominal pain is often a precursor to abortion of the mole. When the mole will terminate spontaneously, it may contract the uterus and have paroxysmal recurrent abdominal pain, often accompanied by bleeding.

If the abdominal pain suddenly occurs, showing severe intra-abdominal hemorrhage, it should be considered that the hydatid of the hydatidiform mole is broken.

How is the mole treated?

Because the hydatidiform mole may have major bleeding at any time, after the diagnosis is confirmed, the contents of the uterus should be removed in time, and the whole body examination should be done before the Qing Palace.

Sucking is generally used, which has the advantages of short operation time, less bleeding, and less uterine perforation. It is safer.

During the aspiration of the contents, the uterus gradually shrinks and hardens.

After the hydatid tissue is mostly sucked out, the uterus is significantly reduced, and a gentle curettage is adopted.

If the uterus is less than 12 weeks of gestation, it can be scraped once. If the uterus is greater than 12 weeks of gestation or if it is difficult to scrape once during the operation, the second curettage can be performed after one week.

A general hysterectomy that is close to menopause and has no fertility requirements, and can be retained in both directions.

For patients whose uterus is less than 14 weeks pregnant, the uterus can be removed directly.

Regular tracking is still required after surgery.

What are the four factors that cause the hydatidiform moles? What will happen to the hydatidiform mole?

The treatment of hydatidiform moles recommends that hydatidiform moles are not fetuses, and are as fatal as ectopic pregnancy!

Bangladesh walks the longest coastline in the world


Bangladesh walks the longest coastline in the world

Bangladesh is not the first choice for outbound travel. I don’t even know what is worth playing there.

Chittagong in Bangladesh may not have been heard of at all, but there is the longest coastline in the world, and the people you love are clasping, crossing this coastline and going to the end of the world.
Traveling to the longest coastline in the world, Bangladesh has not been a hot spot for travelers, and Chittagong is certainly not.

But Chittagong has an amazing long coastline, which is its most precious asset.

Just because there are no tourists coming, Chittagong is more like a paradise for Bangladeshi people. There is no door, no boundaries, no over-development, I want to go, how to play, how to play, everything is original, but people canRelax completely.

Just like the local people’s life, although the material is not rich, the spiritual world is always happy.

Many sandy beaches are surrounded by stars. Since it is the first port city in Bangladesh, the character of Chittagong itself is that there are many beautiful beaches. Many people don’t know. In fact, Chittagong has the longest coastline in the world, up to 220.Kilometers is definitely more impressive than any coastline in the world.

For tourists, not to be missed are the two major beaches, one is the Bodenga Point at the southwestern end of the city of Chittagong, and the other is called Cox’s BAZAR, although it is cleaner thanThere are many beaches in China, but the long coastline can bring a wide-angle shock.

銆€銆€There are no tourist attractions in Bangladesh, and there is no entertainment. Even Chittagong, which has such a wonderful coastline, few people pack these tourism resources.

So when I come to the beach in Chittagong, I will know a rare “natural” feeling. The beach here is truly belonging to the people.

Whenever you have time, the locals will be happy to go to the beach, step on the waves, play with water, or just just lie on the beach and lie in the sun, quite leisurely, but if it is a holiday, the beach will be crowded with people, some crowdedNot going in.

銆€銆€For the Chinese, the beaches that come to Chittagong always have a “star-like” feeling.

Too many Chinese holidays come to the beaches of Chittagong, and they are always 鈥渨atched鈥?by a wide variety of locals.

It is said that in the local area, many people are proud of their own Chinese friends. When they see people with yellow skin and black hair, they will say hello in the first time: “Are you Chinese?”

“(Are you Chinese?

Bloody, Eid al-Adha, Blood, Eid al-Adha, visual impact, Eid al-Adha, is one of the most grand festivals in Bangladesh, and every household has to slaughter at least one cow and sheep.

On this day, locals will greet each other with “EID MUBARAK”, which means they can be understood as happy holidays.

The Eid al-Adha festival is also called the Eid al-Adha festival. On the morning, people do not eat breakfast. After pilgrimage at 8 o’clock in the morning, people will bathe, then gather together to pray for the “conference ceremony”, and then start slaughtering, mainly using cattle and sheep.There are also chickens, ducks and geese, but all the livestock mouths must be fat, and they must be self-slaughter, which is quite bloody. For the first time to participate in the Eid al-Adha, it really takes a lot of courage.

The slaughtering is done by some good hands, and the meat after slaughter is divided into three parts, one for personal use, one for relatives and friends, and one for the poor, showing the sincerity of 鈥渟elling the poor鈥?

The more the wedding lights in Bangladesh Railway, the more money they have when they are in Chittagong, they are often invited by local friends to attend the wedding.

Locals usually go to rent a wedding venue, which is like a Chinese wedding at a hotel.

Such a wedding is already relatively luxurious in the local area. Only the area of the venue is connected. The small place can only accommodate about 100 people. The largest one can accommodate thousands of people. It also provides table chairs and kitchens. It is quite professional.

At the time of the wedding, the locals will hang lanterns on the outside of the houses in these places. This kind of lanterns will be very “retro” for the Chinese. It is a small lamp with many colors hanging on the wires. After plugging in the power.It will flash a flash.

But don’t underestimate these lanterns. The number of lanterns is related to the strength of the wedding house. The more colorful lights are, the more money there is, and the rich people will be going to use a bamboo to build a memorial on the main road.The cloth was wrapped up with lanterns, and then it was taken from the archway with a lantern to the corridor of the wedding. It looked quite spectacular.

銆€銆€It is sure to have a meal in the Huhu to eat at the wedding.

First, a bottle of cold water directly from the faucet is served, but because it is a foreigner, special care, each person sends a small bottle of mineral water, one person, one cup, one dish, and because of foreigners, each personThere will be one more spoon.

The dish is also a dish of salted rice, curry mutton, curry chicken, fried chicken, cucumber and onion slices, and the dishes are rare. It is not particularly good, but you can feel the wedding of the locals.Is a good experience.

銆€銆€Gas station information visa: Bangladesh visa needs to go to the embassy in China, you need a valid passport, a photo of the passport, a round-trip ticket reservation, proof of funds, etc. The specific details can be found on the website of the Bangladesh Embassy in China.

銆€銆€Transportation: China Southern Airlines has direct flights to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The flight takes 3 and a half hours, and it takes 50 minutes to get a domestic flight from Dhaka.

銆€銆€Cuisine: Bangladesh is dominated by beef and mutton fish and other birds. After frying, it is roasted with spicy sauce and vegetables of various flavors.

Bengali people like sugar and sweetness, and there are many coconuts and papayas.

The fishing industry in Chittagong is also relatively developed. There are many seafoods. The strange thing is that Bangladeshis do not eat crabs and crabs. Therefore, crabs are very cheap, about 1 yuan.

Weight loss drugs can’t be spent on the sky


Weight loss drugs can’t be spent on the sky

The hot summer is coming, and for the ladies who love beauty, weight loss has become an urgent matter.

A few people are worried about the unfortunate experience of accumulating in the winter, and a “slimming war” is also coming.

銆€銆€In the past few days, the reporter conducted a survey on slimming products in the Xi’an market. It is found that due to the wide variety of weight-loss products on the market, a large number of weight-loss people do not understand the personal situation, the choice of weight-loss products is relatively random.

Experts remind the beauty of the United States, in the case of understanding their physical condition, and then carry out targeted weight loss, we must carefully choose weight loss products.

銆€銆€A wide variety of different large-scale publicity reporters saw in some pharmacies in Xi’an, weight loss health foods and diet pills are the main products, pharmacy replacement, weight loss drugs and weight loss health foods.

“The squandering of flowers is becoming more and more fascinating.” This article is used to describe the current market for weight-loss drugs. This is the most appropriate thing. In the face of this “small flower flying” situation, consumers will inevitably “pick the eye”.

銆€銆€In a large pharmaceutical supermarket in East Street, the reporter saw several weight-loss products placed on the shelves of health products.

The salesperson said that spring and summer are the peak season for sales of weight loss products. There are dozens of weight loss products currently available in the market, ranging from granules and capsules to small vibrometers.

銆€銆€It is understood that the weight loss products on the market mainly include weight loss health foods, diet pills, topical weight loss products and weight loss devices, but they account for a share of weight loss health foods and weight loss drugs.

At present, there are only two types of slimming western medicine approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. Sibutramine and orlistat (Senico) have a large number of weight-loss drugs, but most of them are these two drugs.

According to the weight loss health food, the form is mainly slimming tea drinks and capsule preparations, and the commonly used raw materials are all homologous substances in traditional Chinese medicine.

銆€銆€During the visit, the reporter found that a large number of weight loss health foods are only suitable for simple obesity, using absolute vocabulary on the instructions and leaflets, what “never rebound”, “completely no toxic side effects”, etc.It’s very easy.

Tangdu Hospital internal secretion department Jiao director weighing, weight loss products mainly through the enhancement of body metabolism, inhibition of appetite, in the body to achieve weight loss.

But for patients with essential hypertension, diet pills can only control the weight no longer develop, while weight loss health foods can only play a supporting role.

銆€銆€Experts reminded that the causes of obesity caused by the wind can be blindly followed by genetic factors, acquired factors, endocrine disorders and many other reasons, but modern people’s obesity and alternative energy and energy consumption are less, and exercise is less.

Experts say that starting to lose weight can not be blindly used, you should first consult a doctor to find out what is the cause of obesity, whether there are complications caused by obesity (hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, high uric acid, etc.), if these are concurrentIn the case of illness, we must also do the corresponding treatment while losing weight.

Weight loss should be considered from the basic aspects of increased exercise, diet control, energy balance and so on.

銆€銆€When choosing a diet or weight loss health food, you must first have a comprehensive understanding of your physical condition.

Before buying, you should see the weight loss mechanism of the drug on the instruction manual to ensure that it is safe and effective for yourself; then see if the weight loss product has obtained the relevant quality certificate submitted by the Ministry of Health, and you can also call the hotline of the product first.The specific situation of the product, at the same time listen to the opinions of the companions; the key depends on the approval number of the weight loss product, whether it is approved by the national authority such as the national drug quantification batch number.

Finally, you can choose the big brand, the big manufacturers’ products, so that there is quality assurance.