[How to make sun flower steamed buns]_Homemade method of sun flower steamed buns_How to make sun flower steamed buns_How to make sun flower steamed buns

[How to make sun flower steamed buns]_Homemade method of sun flower steamed buns_How to make sun flower steamed buns_How to make sun flower steamed buns

After a busy day of work and study, it is really tiring to drag the remaining intestines and prepare dinner.

The practice of sunflower buns is simple and easy to learn. It only needs a wok to solve it. You don’t need to fry and stew, and you can enjoy the deliciousness with clear soup.

1. Gram yeast is opened with 100 grams of warm water, and 200 grams of flour and 20 grams of powdered sugar are combined into a smooth white dough, covered with plastic wrap and fermented at room temperature., 30 grams of purple potato flour, 20 grams of powdered sugar are combined into a smooth purple dough, covered with cling film to ferment 3, grams of yeast are opened with 10 grams of warm water, and 200 grams of flour, 100 grams of spinach juice, 20 grams of powdered sugarCombine together into a smooth green dough, cover with cling film and ferment 4, the dough is fermented to 2-2.

5 times as large, honeycomb appears inside, that is, the fermentation is successful (about 1 in summer).

5-2 hours, winter time is longer), put the three-colored dough into the air and drain the air one by one, remove the small ingredients of different sizes from the dough below, and knead round, press the large, medium and smallSeparate the order (here, the small white powder is the largest, the purple is the smallest, and the green is the smallest) 6. Roll the white small powder and the purple small powder into round dough pieces, and the white small powder is the largest.To make it bigger 7, put the smallest small green agent on the purple dough sheet, and wrap it like a bun. 8. Pack it tighter and tighten it tightly. Place it in the middle of the white dough sheet 9 and continue like a bag.Wrap up like a bun, tighten tightly and close the mouth 10, hold the mouth down, grab it and press it flat 11, cut it into quarters with a knife, take care not to cut 12 in the middle, and cut one of them into threeThe minor division 13 becomes this minor division twisted from below to reveal the beautiful color 14. Follow the same method to make the remaining divisions (all minor divisions must be twisted in one direction.The petals will be more beautiful) 15, pinch the 12 small aliquots higher than the center and flatten, to become 12 beautiful的Petals, then placed on top of a sticky black sesame small white discs as efforts to reach 16, according to their mood, color mix and match the order of the dough bar.

Let it stand for 15-20 minutes after it is done. 17, steam on the pot over cold water, turn it over medium heat for about 8 minutes, turn off the heat for about 3 minutes, then cook out at home and cook at home.Promote mutual feelings, the method of sun flower buns is simple, suitable for home-made.

[How to marinate chicken legs]_ Chicken legs _ Practice Daquan _ production method

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[How to make colorful vegetable scallops]_Home cooking method of colorful vegetable scallops _How to make colorful vegetable scallops _How to make colorful vegetable scallops

[How to make colorful vegetable scallops]_Home cooking method of colorful vegetable scallops _How to make colorful vegetable scallops _How to make colorful vegetable scallops

When the disease came, it was silent. It is very likely that we always eat outside, and we should take it as a lesson. The following is the introduction of the colorful fruit fried pancakes. We will cook later.


1 green, chopped red pepper, cut garlic into minced garlic and set aside.

Add the green, crushed red pepper and minced garlic to the pan and add the seafood soy sauce to make the sauce.


2 Remove the shells, rinse and drain, and marinate with 1 tablespoon of white wine and pepper for 10 minutes.


Heat the oil in the pot, fry the straps, add the remaining white wine, and place the juice on the plate.


Heat the oil in the pot, fry the straps, add the remaining white wine, and place the juice on the plate.
Maybe someone in your family will make colorful vegetables and fried pancakes. Now you can prove it to your family, and you can actually cook and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Garlic is a treasure detox, clearing the intestines and protecting the liver

Garlic is a treasure detox, clearing the intestines and protecting the liver

Animal foods for daily diet, especially lean meat, are rich in vitamin B1.

But vitamin B1 is not stable, stays in the body for a longer time, and will be largely eliminated with urine.

  Garlic contains unique alliin and garlic enzymes, and the combination of the two will produce allicin. Vitamin B1 in meat and allicin combine to form stable alliamine, thereby increasing the content of vitamin B1 in meat.

  Not only that, alliamine can also prolong the residence time of vitamin B1 in the human body, improve its absorption rate in the metabolic tract and its utilization rate in the body.

  In addition, garlic is a treasure. It has both bactericidal effect and inhibition of tumor cell growth, complication deposition, detoxification, intestinal cleansing, and liver protection. It is a good substitute for garlic.

  Medical experts also found that eating meat and garlic can promote blood circulation, increase the absorption rate of vitamin B1 in the gastrointestinal tract and replace the body, and eliminate fatigue of organs of the body as soon as possible, enhance physical fitness, and prevent colorectal cancerAre of great significance.

Therefore, eating meat and garlic can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Breakfast often eat cereal to activate the body is slimmer

Breakfast often eat cereal to activate the body is slimmer

A new study suggests that the proportion of women who prefer to eat cereal for breakfast and those who choose other breakfast foods or simply do not eat breakfast is more likely to be lighter than others.

  It is unclear whether cereals have a direct effect on weight control, but researchers believe that the relative fiber, vitamins and minerals in many boxed cereals may have some credit.

  Researchers at Michigan State University in the United States are based on a national health and nutrition survey conducted by US health officials from 1999 to 2000.

Of the 4,218 adults surveyed, 77% were accustomed to having breakfast and 22% were eating ready-to-eat cereal.

In women, even taking into account factors such as exercise and total transfer, people who ate cereal breakfast were 30% less likely to be overweight than those who did not.

However, women who like other foods for breakfast have a higher probability of being overweight than women who do not eat breakfast.

  The researchers pointed out that it was impossible to control some of the weight of the cereal itself.

At least, compared to eating other breakfasts, cereal lovers consume more fiber and are slightly obese — this type of nutritional intake is usually thought to control weight.

They believe that minerals can also help control adults, so the milk that is poured into the cereal and the calcium contained in the cereal itself may also be important.

Be careful of hurting your eyes while driving in the hot sun

Be careful of hurting your eyes while driving in the hot sun

The car is galloping on the highway. The driver just needs to stabilize the steering wheel gently. At this time, the left foot leaves the clutch and the right foot leaves the brake., Put your head on the music, the brain can relax a bit, at this moment, only the eyes can not be lazy, even if the scenery outside the car, can only glance hurriedly.

  Dr. Yang Xingguang, director of the Department of Ophthalmology, Xi’an Fourth Hospital, pointed out that strong light is likely to cause eye diseases. Drivers’ vision must be 0.

More than 8 ability to drive a car, after getting a driver ‘s license, some drivers may cause eye disease or vision loss due to improper use of the eye. In this case, driving is very dangerous.

  Director Lecturer Yang, under the hot sun, drivers must pay full attention to the road, vehicles, and pedestrians in front of them, unless they also need to observe the rear-view mirror and the instrument in the car, visual fatigue is inevitable.

Coupled with the surface of the road, the light reflected from the glass of other cars and the surrounding buildings, the eyes are easily fatigued.

Because the eyes are open, it is very easy to dry, and the dust rising on the highway will fly into the eyes. In this way, the driver will have symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, swelling and pain in the eyes, and visual deviation .About 40% suffer from night blindness, nearsightedness, and fear of light and other eye diseases. It can be seen that light pollution is gradually becoming the culprit that damages the driver’s vision.

It is understood that traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving cars account for about 20 %% of the total accidents each year, and account for more than 40% of major traffic accidents, and 30% of them are caused by visual reasons.

  Anti-glare rearview mirrors can avoid driving in strong light at night. The rear lights and oncoming lights reflected in the rearview mirrors often dazzle the driver.

The driver cannot estimate the distance to the vehicle behind, and it will be dangerous when the line is merged.

  In this way, rearview mirrors with anti-glare function came into being.

According to Guo Yanfeng, a sales consultant of Xi’an North Star Automobile Sales Company, this electronic intelligent anti-glare rearview mirror automatically determines the light changes in the environment through the front and rear photoelectric sensors, so as to adjust the mirror reflectance in time and automatically adjust the intensity of the reflected light.To ensure that the driver is not disturbed by glare, improve the comfort and safety of driving.

  If your rearview mirror doesn’t have this function, then it doesn’t matter, the current car supply store can use the method of applying the antiglare film on the rearview mirror to make up for this regret.

  Doctor Yang Xingguang, director of the ophthalmology department of Xi’an Fourth Hospital, and doctor Liangliang Chen, who has been driving for more than 20 years, told the author some good ways to protect the eyes.

  Take a break for 3 hours of continuous driving. Do some eye health activities between breaks, such as turning the eyeballs, massaging around the eyes with your hands or simply doing a set of eye exercises. If you are in an open place, you can look into the distance or the sky; your eyes hurtYou can apply your eyes with a hot towel.

These methods can effectively relieve eye fatigue, promote blood circulation in the eye, and prevent eye disease.

  When driving on a highway with too many monotonous scenes, the visual focus should be appropriately changed, and you should not just stare at the road in front of you.

  Always pay attention to eye hygiene, do not wipe the eyes with dirt such as oil and hard cloths.

When the front sun is too dazzling, in addition to using a sun visor, wear special sunglasses to protect your eyes, but remember that you should not wear sunglasses for a long time.

How new mothers do good oral care for babies

How new mothers do good oral care for babies

How to do baby oral care?

Any notes?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  Oral mothers of zero-year-old babies feel that it is not necessary to clean their mouths, and their babies’ mouths must be carefully cared for to prepare healthy and beautiful teeth in the future.

The practice of infant oral care: 1. First, use a clean cotton towel with a soft texture around the baby’s jaw to prevent the baby from getting wet by shaking his head back and forth when cleaning the mouth of the baby.

  2. Wash your hands. Mothers must wash their hands with germicidal soap when cleaning the mouth of the baby.

  3. Method: Use a cotton swab dipped in warm water, first from the two incision sites in the baby’s mouth and the outer side of the teeth, and then wipe the inner side of the gums and the tongue. Be sure to remember that you need to replace a toothpick every time you wash and wash a partA safe baby-specific oral cleaner is more convenient for moms.

  Nursing attention (1) Master the correct brushing method, develop a good habit of brushing teeth after meals, and use dental floss on a regular basis.

  (2) Regularly perform oral examinations to achieve early detection and early treatment.

Early dental caries treatment is simple, less painful, and effective. Once the dental caries disease progresses to pulp pain, the treatment process is complicated and multiple follow-up visits are needed. The treatment response is large and the prognosis of the affected tooth is poor.

  (3) To improve the anti-caries ability of teeth, you can use fluoride toothpaste, children or taking fluoride water, use 0.

Rinse mouth with 5% sodium fluoride solution.

For children’s new molars can be closed.

5 recipes for spring health

5 recipes for spring health

The spring breeze blows, the spring rains, cold and hot, in such a rainy day, the diet should be based on gas to dampness and temperature supplement. What kind of soup is the most nutritious to drink in spring?

Here are 5 health soups that are suitable for spring health, let’s take a look.

  Spring health soup pig Hengpi wolfberry soup pig Hengqi wolfberry soup wolfberry is the most fat and tender in spring and summer, with pig horizontal delete and pig liver roll soup, bitter sweet and very sweet, very useful.

Yokohama is the pig’s guide dirty, has nothing to do with the pig’s tongue.

After the pork liver is sliced, it can be marinated with fresh water for a while and then marinated. The washed pork liver can prevent blood from floating in the soup and ensure that the soup is clear.

If you add eggs before switching, the color and aroma will be better.

  Spring Health Soup Pickled Carp Soup Pickled Carp Soup This is a traditional Cantonese dish with a delicious taste.

Choose one fresh carp, about 500 grams, to remove the internal organs, without removing the scales. This soup should be light, so it is not necessary to thin the carp.

Select Chengcaifu, slice and dilute, then cook with carp until the taste is the same.

  The spring health soup pork belly horseshoe soup pork belly horseshoe soup provides a simple and effective method for cleaning the belly soup. Boil half a cup of oil in the soup until it is very hot. Put the pork belly and iron it to the mucus to remove it.Rinse.

  Choose hard and heavy horseshoes, peel them and boil them with pork belly, pork ribs, ginkgo and yuba for 3 hours. The soup is sweet and delicious.

  Spring health soup Yaozhu powder sausage soup Yaozhu powder sausage soup When buying pork noodle sausage, meat vendors should cut the knife lightly in the intestine and expand it to “powder” for viewing. If the ribbon is yellow, the powder sausage will be bitter. If the color is white, you can rest assured to buy.

To clean the powder sausage, you only need to put a piece of garlic on the head of the intestine straight to the end of the intestine. The garlic not only removes dirt, but even odor.

Fanchang Qingyue and impregnated Yaozhu, Yingshi and Qizi are cooked for 3 hours.

This soup is warm and delicious.

  Spring health soup Amaranth meat slice soup Amaranth meat slice soup The spring green amaranth tastes better than the red amaranth. After cooking, the vegetables are smooth and the soup is fresh.

Just boil the water, add the salted meat and amaranth and boil.

The soup is fragrant and a little bit more oily for cooking amaranth, which will result in a smoother and more delicious soup.

8 trainings, grasping the fun of travel


8 trainings, grasping the fun of travel

For a long time, the couple is tense, and the bed is inevitably weak. It is better to make a good sex than to have nothing to do.

Going to work, working overtime, squeezing in the car, eating a computer, basically both flesh are tired to the extent that the hormone falls to zero.

If you have already arrived at this field, don’t hesitate any more, and hurry up and take time off.

Traveling, it is the only way for the two to regain their sexual blessings.

銆€銆€Once people are traveling, the spring flowers are bright and the autumn is blurred, and the mountains are also high.

Even with the group tour, because there are noisy people, accidents bring out a small affair feeling, making couples more fun.

Too many couples who fall in love with this road often choose a destination group that suits their wishes, followed by a group of travellers who know each other or who they don’t know each other. They swim in the mountains and swim in the mountains.

銆€銆€However, such a vacation couple travels, but it is good, but there are many aspects of sexual love that need attention.

It’s better to pay attention to it together and make the next trip better and stronger.


The basic time period for making a love in a group tour is: after checking, getting up in the morning until breakfast, a short break after lunch, and when the team is free to move after dinner, before going to sleep at night.

銆€銆€Because they don’t have to go to work to participate in such mental activities, they can enjoy enjoying each other.

Of course, these two appropriate alternatives do not necessarily require you and me to fully fill the stage of making love, just choose the heart and mind when you are happy, you are thick and beautiful, beautiful.


Team travel, usually arranged to live in the adjacent or opposite room, so that the peers are close at hand.

When sex is on the peak, both men and women, the shouts of the throat must be implicit, pay attention to self-discipline, and should not be disturbed by other fellow travellers.

After all, such a voice, spread out is not conducive to the spread of spiritual civilization.


Women’s body is delicate, it is easy to get infected, and the journey may make you tired and sexual, and you must be careful.

銆€銆€It is recommended to carry a female private cleansing liquid when traveling. It is very effective and it is a must-have item on the road.


Some men like to use the breakfast when everyone returns to the room to take the luggage, and the female companion is a tribute to Dunlun.

The guests on other groups died in the bus, although the tour guide will warn everyone to say that they are late, but see that you have used breakfast and then go back to the room to take things, but also embarrassed to drive directly away, most calls into the room constantly urgingA few times.

This kind of “building your own happiness in the suffering of others”, the moral level difference is poor.


If the line has been packed, there are still ten minutes waiting for the team to start, and some men will “just want to make trouble.”

Under the circumstance of time constraints, it is impossible to fully undress and undo the foreplay. It is better to simply adjust to the state of 鈥渋nter-class exercise鈥?and restore the dignifiedDeparture appearance.

The interdiction exercise is also done quickly, which is called procrastination for too long.


Team activities, everyone has a lot of opportunities, take a meal at the table, and take a bus together.

If the two of them do something they love to do, they don’t know how to pack their hands and tails, and they are seen by others. It’s inevitable that they will say a few jokes in the face or behind them.

For example, a piece of white sticky mark is left behind. After washing, the tail is wet and not rubbed, the red neck of the neck and neck are a little bit, and the zipper of the trousers is not closed. The eye-catching person on the side immediately notices the good thing that happened just now, pointing to the poke.Where is this called?

It is better to quickly rectify the appearance of the mirror afterwards and avoid embarrassment.


Before you leave, please take care of carrying a number of safety equipment that you use yourself. Don’t make enough backups because you don’t have enough estimates, and temporarily buy products that don’t scale in the outside or simply give up security measures.

It is easy to get infected on the trip, and it is everyone’s responsibility to plan family planning.

In fact, men are responsible for women, that is, they are responsible for themselves.

Some men have changed from a worm to a dragon, like eating aphrodisiac. They want to do it too late, and workaholics instantly change sex.
In fact, too much sex in a short period of time has no benefit to both parties, especially to men.

Above the journey, although the spirit is easy and worry-free, the body is still relatively tired due to the increase in exercise.

Appropriate sex is completely unobstructed, but if it is too dense, it is harmful to the body and the immunity is rapidly reduced.

Eating 5 kinds of food is most beneficial to liver health


Eating 5 kinds of food is most beneficial to liver health

The liver is the body’s largest detoxification organ. The healthy liver can avoid the troubles of hernia, bloating, constipation, etc., and also plays an important role in regulating blood sugar.

Recently, the US Health Network published the following liver favorite diets.

銆€銆€Cruciferous vegetables contain various phytonutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, sulforaphane and tantalum nitride, which can help the liver to resolve various chemical toxins and carcinogens.

Common cruciferous vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, cabbage and white radish.

銆€銆€Seaweeds such as seaweed and seaweed can help the liver detoxify and prevent the body from absorbing toxic heavy metals such as cadmium and other environmental toxins.

Research at McGill University in Canada found that the compounds contained in brown algae can reduce the absorption of radioactive particles by bones.

銆€銆€Sprout bean sprouts can choose various enzymes to promote protein decomposition and absorption.

銆€銆€Obviously sulfided food.

Vegetables with residual sulphides such as onions, garlic, and onions can promote the production of glutathione by the liver, neutralize free radicals in cells, and detoxify and anti-aging.

銆€銆€Alkaline blueberry, strawberry and other additives are introduced into phytochemicals such as anthocyanins, polyphenols, etc., which have potent antioxidant effects and help the liver protect human cells from free radicals and oxidative stress.