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[How to make pumpkin scallop porridge]_Homemade method of pumpkin scallop porridge_How to make pumpkin scallop porridge_How to make pumpkin scallop porridge

[How to make pumpkin scallop porridge]_Homemade method of pumpkin scallop porridge_How to make pumpkin scallop porridge_How to make pumpkin scallop porridge

Friends are full of friends, and in the process of becoming friends, it is necessary to be a guest at home.

If you do n’t have a special dish to get your hands out, it ‘s really “shameful”.

Of course, you don’t need to worry, because today I will teach you all the skills if you make pumpkin scallop porridge.


Rinse and soak millet for a while, add water to the pot and boil, then add millet and cook.


12 Pumpkins cut into small pieces.


21 Add scallops.


Add minced meat.


Add pumpkin pieces and cook.


Turn to low heat and slowly boil until the porridge is thick, mix well and melt.


Pumpkin scallop porridge is very fresh and sweet.

After carefully reading the methods and steps of pumpkin scallop porridge, you must have your own understanding and mastery.

And to make a dish, you need multiple methods, and you need your patience.

So, from now on, take action.

[How to make home-made chestnut chicken legs]_Home-made method for home-made chestnut chicken legs_Home-made method for home-made chestnut chicken legs_How to make home-made chestnut chicken legs

[How to make home-made chestnut chicken legs]_Home-made method for home-made chestnut chicken legs_Home-made method for home-made chestnut chicken legs_How to make home-made chestnut chicken legs

We are a group of people who shout every day to lose weight, but also find food on the street. Of course, facing the temptation of deliciousness, few people have the resistance to resist.

Introduce a home-made chestnut roasted chicken leg, so you can make it yourself at home.


1 chestnut hot pan stir-fry with hot oil and remove yellow.


2 Cut two chicken legs into pieces and cook in water. Add cooking wine to fishy fish. Do not cover the pot. Cook for 2 minutes.

The chestnuts are peeled and halved by hand, and the green and red peppers are cut into small circles.


The remaining oil in the pot is turned into white sugar. At this time, put the spiced powder and fry it. Immediately add the chicken pieces, ginger, spring onion, stir-fry, and the chicken is dried to cook the rice wine.


Add a spoonful of soy sauce, chicken essence, and salt at the same time.


Mix a bowl of hot water, boil over high heat and simmer for 15 minutes over low heat.


When the fire is over, put the red and green peppers and sesame oil into the pan.

Maybe you have eaten home-made chestnut roasted chicken legs before, but after reading the introduction above, you finally know how it is made. Is there any reason you can do it yourself?

Maintenance of lazy MM 5 minutes before bed is still tender

Maintenance of lazy MM 5 minutes before bed is still tender

Do MMs who like to sleep late worry about skin care every morning?

After watching this special episode, you don’t have to worry about it. You can get enough sleep every morning without worrying about no time for skin care and worry about being late for work.

It’s simple, it only takes five minutes to give you hydrated skin.

  Maintaining lazy MM skin 5 minutes before bedtime is still the most important when skin is hydrated and sleepy.

Now divided into two types of oily and dry according to skin type, teach you two quick care methods to keep the skin hydrated.

  For dry skin, you don’t need to use cleansing milk, just apply oil-soluble or dark cleansing cream to the bladder, and then wash it off.

In this way, the moisturizing cream can be absorbed by the skin.

  Oily skin does not require washing your face. Instead, use a commercially available wipe or a wipe for babies.

Choose products that are not irritating to the skin and gently wipe your face.

  Cover your face with a paper towel after washing your face, paying attention to the size to cover the entire face.

This can effectively keep the skin moderately moisturized, and quickly absorb moisture, without leaving the fiber of the towel on the body, not to mention the effort.

  Mixing lotion and lotion together and applying it on the face can also replace products that have both lotion and lotion effects.

  If you have a little time or have extremely dry skin, you can apply lotion or moisturizer after applying lotion and lotion.

This keeps the skin hydrated for long.

  Apply foundation cream to the skin, centering on areas with excessive sebum production or areas with skin imperfections.

Take the right amount to make skin skin natural.

  Concealer is the key when you don’t have time to use foundation and want to make your makeup beautiful.

Apply it under the bridge of the nose and the eyes, because the glitter powder can make the bridge of the nose clearly displayed.

  You can also apply foundation without applying concealer.

Except for the places with more defects and defects, you can apply more points, and you can apply less.

  You can use a cotton swab to apply foundation.

Sebum secretion is strong, and the nose part that easily damages the entire makeup can be gently pressed with the corner of a cotton swab.

  Use foundation cream to apply an appropriate amount to the palm of your hand, then rub it to warm it, then apply it to your face.

Note that the bumps on the nose must be rubbed carefully so that they do not remain.

  Finally, put on powder, especially the T-shaped part to apply more, this is a countermeasure against excessive sebum can also achieve long-term skin beauty effect.

6 post-holiday clear fat soup drinks

6 post-holiday clear fat soup drinks

The Spring Festival has passed unknowingly. During the festival, the life of big fish and meat can easily lead to greasy. Here are six ways to clear the fat soup after the Spring Festival: Beef meatballs Soup: 200 grams of calf meat, first the beefChop into mashed meat, pour in red wine, add onion and black peppercorns, and finally add egg whites to make the mashed beef into small balls.

Pour into a boiling water pot. After the high heat is boiled, remove the foam, and cook for a while on a low heat, add carrot pieces and cook until cooked, season with salt and serve.

  Mushroom black fungus kelp soup practice: 50 grams of kelp, 100 grams of black fungus, 2 shiitake mushrooms, shredded kelp, black fungus, shiitake mushrooms, add olive oil, cook under salt and serve.

  Sweet potato tremella syrup method: 1 sweet potato, 1 tremella, honey amount.

Sweet potato peeled and cut into pieces, tremella fungus softly chopped, and boiled together with water, cook for about 20 minutes.

After cooking, add the right amount of honey to taste, and you can drink it as sugar.

  Tomato porridge practice: one tomato, 50 grams of indica rice, moderate sugar.

Tomatoes are scalded with boiling water, peeled off, and cut into cubes.

Boil hot water, add indica rice, tomatoes, and boil over low heat. Add sugar to serve.

  Lotus seed lily and glutinous rice porridge: 30 grams of lotus seeds, 20 grams of lily soaked in water for 20 minutes, 100 grams of glutinous rice are poured into a pot and boiled. After setting low heat for about 10 minutes, put the soaked lotus seeds and lily, and cook until thick and ready to eat.
  Red bean spleen porridge practice: 50 grams of red beans, 100 grams of yam, 50 grams of barley, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 5 jujubes, coriander seeds and glutinous rice.

Wash the yam, peel it, cut into pieces, put it in a pot, add water to boil it with wuhuo, and use simmer to cook. Add the above ingredients, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and cook before eating.

Mobile Phone Dependence for Fashion Women

Mobile Phone Dependence for Fashion Women

Case 1: Danny, 31 years old, is a manager of a foreign company and a Japanese translator of the unit. She has a solid and hard-working job and has outstanding achievements. She is an outstanding professional woman.

In addition, she has a characteristic that she loves sending text messages to friends, and that her mobile phone is used very frequently, and her mobile phone is constantly ringing when she is very busy.

Because she is beautiful, has a good figure, and is usually good at maintenance, her skin is fair and beautiful. Therefore, most of the people she contacts are handsome guys or wealthy business owners.

She has a lot of telephones and is well informed. Her constant incoming and outgoing calls and sending and receiving text messages make her feel fulfilled.

But sometimes the phone rings when you are too busy to make a call. It may not be a good thing. Do n’t answer it. I ‘m afraid it ‘s related to work. Even if it ‘s not the case, it will be criticized by the other party. Take it. Sometimes a phone call will take one or twenty minutes.And it’s boring.

However, her number of calls has been significantly reduced recently, and her mobile phone can only receive three or five calls per day.

In this way, she felt uncomfortable, especially when there were a lot of good phone calls, and she didn’t get in by then, which made her restless all day. Sometimes, when someone’s cell phone rang, she would pick up herself like a reflex.Mobile phone, very disappointed.

As long as the phone left her for a while, she put it on her body, and went out without carrying it for a while, then immediately went back to see if there was a missed call or a text message. Later, she simply hung her phone around her neck and went to sleep at nightPlaced under a pillow, texting a friend while lying in bed, and sometimes talking until 12 o’clock at night, so insomnia often occurred to her.

In her own words, this is the heart disease of mobile phones, and the words of modern civilization are also called “mobile phone dependence.”

  Psychological experts in psychologists believe that the “mobile phone dependence” manifested by DanNi is a mental illness.

This new type of mental illness is particularly prevalent among women in the white-collar population at work and fast-paced lives.

Although the physical and physical state of this part of the population is stable, it is necessary to consider multiple roles such as feelings, family, and career, and they are susceptible to many factors of life and emotionally affected.

White-collar women use mobile phones alternately due to work needs or spiritual comfort. For example, if they want to keep in touch with the outside world through their mobile phones, they will not be forgotten by the society, and they will communicate with friends emotionally.Maintain the image of working efficiently with your boss.

In the long run, mobile phones become part of their lives unconsciously, and once they decrease, they feel like they have lost something.

     Relying on the mobile phone as a modern communication tool, in the hearts of today’s fashionable women, it has a variety of simple communication tools. It is also a distinctive style of jewelry, a symbol of taste and personality.

However, the world of women is very different. There are white-collar women in the metropolis, who are catching up with fashion, who are flaunting their personality, and who are advocating self-confidence.

When they buy a mobile phone, they use it as a communication tool, but when they use it, they become different personalities, that is, how to use, how much to use, etc., are the embodiment of personality.

  Fashion women are middle-to-high-end consumer groups, or are successful, or are well-paid staff, most of them have private cars.

They are generous and belong to irrational consumption.

For this type of female consumer, mobile phones can only be valuable if they are used frequently.

Use it non-stop every day. Although the cost of the call is expensive, it is nothing.

Much of their information is obtained through mobile phones, and their dependence on mobile phones is evident.

  Experts prescribe mobile phone dependence is not a serious complication, but in the long run, it will affect the body, such as easy to cause anxiety, irritability or depression, and unhappy mood.

A series of psychological problems caused by mobile phone dependence will bring stress to life, work and study. If the time continues, it will lead to abnormal nervous system function and brain dysfunction.

There are quite a number of fashionable women in modern society, and the burden on the family and society is almost no less than that of men.

Then, the most effective way to overcome the dependence on mobile phones is to have a positive face-to-face conversation with others, be good at affirming yourself, and remind yourself to build confidence with advantages such as experience, experience, and resources.

Especially in the business world, it is very important to cultivate the calm and calm style of the strong.

Relatively speaking, in addition to providing a source of information, the mobile phone has no decisive significance for the success of the business.

  At the same time, for the basils who suffer from “mobile phone dependence”, the best medicine for treatment may be a sentence: take a step back and the sky is wide.

This is not only conducive to the healthy communication of interpersonal relationships, but also can ease the tension of losing the source of work information and overcome the psychological dependence on mobile phones.

  Case 2 Linda, 33, is a public relations manager of a foreign trade company. Because of her working relationship, she sometimes has to pick up clients or arrange entertainment at any time in the middle of the night. Therefore, her mobile phone is on 24 hours a day and almost never leaves her side.The frequency is very high.

She has been doing this job for 3 years and has been so busy and used to it.

However, the unit recently made adjustments to appoint her as the manager of the planning department.

In the first month, some customers still contacted her, and the number of mobile phone calls did not decrease, but later, the number of calls became less and less, and she secretly rejoiced that she could sleep peacefully. However, she did not expect to be very uncomfortable and began to lose sleep.She was half asleep and awake in bed for a short time, and sometimes she heard the ringtone of her cell phone in confusion, picked up her cell phone in surprise, and no one called her at all.

  More and more mobile phone holders of psychological diagnosis find themselves unable to leave this high-tech “pet”, even if they haven’t seen it for a while, they will be reluctant and restless. As these people generally communicate through mobile phones, it is clearYou can walk within a few steps, but you also use a cell phone; when you are waiting, you constantly call the cell phone to ask the other party where to go.

Research shows that mobile phone dependence is a new type of mental illness, especially for young white-collar women.

LinDan’s performance has reached a relatively serious level. Its psychology has formed a “mobile phone mapping device”. Like a timer, it will conditionally reflex every time it restarts, stimulating the nerves of the brain, and in severe cases there will be dreaming. This is peopleIt is often said that it is lost.

This psychological incompatibility is showing an increasing trend.   Expert prescription Generally speaking, the biggest benefit of a mobile phone is that it should provide communication convenience whenever you need it most. If the use of the mobile phone is significantly reduced, you can consider shelving and shutting down.

Once suffering from “mobile phone dependence”, do not have a psychological burden. This is not a serious consequence. It is just a psychological reaction after someone often uses a mobile phone.

The key is that white-collar women should take more care of themselves and create the “green life” for themselves at this age, such as outings, fitness, reading, and listening to music.

Appropriate physical exercise can be carried out every afternoon to reduce tension, relax the body and mind, increase fatigue, easily fall asleep at night, and deep sleep; maintain a stable mood and make your personality more open and cheerful; accept work changes in a calm mindAdapt to new changes in life, communicate more with others in everyday life, talk about your troubles, pay attention to the living arrangements of more mobile phone users, distract attention from mobile phones, and give yourself “days without mobile phone interruptions””It’s so good.”

Is your abdominal muscles old?

Is your abdominal muscles old?

Evidence has been drawn by scientists: Men with developed abdominal muscles can easily dream of longevity.

  For men, actively training your muscles, especially your abdominal muscles, will help you live longer from now on.

  There are more aging effects of abdominal muscles. A person has nearly 640 muscles from head to toe, and the total weight accounts for about 35-45% of the body weight.

Each muscle is light and heavy. Large muscles (such as the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs) can reach 2 kg, and small muscles weigh only a few grams (such as the eye muscles that control eye movements).

If you take a closer look, you will find that each muscle is composed of many fibers of varying lengths, the longest can reach 60 cm, the shortest is only about 1 mm, and all the muscle fibers in the body add up to about 6 billion.

Muscles, like other organs, are inseparable from the blood supply, so densely packed capillaries are distributed in the muscles, with a total length of 100,000 kilometers, which can circle the earth two and a half times.

  From the perspective of human physiology, the main function of muscles is nothing more than synergistic interaction with bones to generate power so that people can do various activities or sports. How is it linked to life?

It turned out that the number of muscles is related to vitality and the occurrence and development of certain diseases in the human body.

Speaking of abdominal muscles, due to the particularity of the part in which it is located, it has a considerable impact on health and even life.

  Medical research shows that, like bones, blood vessels, and other tissues, muscles age with age. The hallmark of aging is a decrease in muscle mass.

As soon as a man passes 40-year-old physiology, muscles begin to decrease at a rate of 1% per year.

1% is not as simple as a data: first of all, the basal metabolism of humans is reduced, and the consumption of transfer is reduced accordingly. The excessively absorbed stools are converted into tiny accumulations in the body, and excessive formation has been confirmed by experts.disease.
At the same time, muscle is also a reliable helper of the heart entitled “Motor of Life”. Muscle weakness will necessarily affect the heart and become the “accomplice” in inducing cardiovascular disease. This is also one of the factors that easily lead to coronary heart disease in middle-aged and elderly people.

In addition, the strength of the leg muscles decreases, you will feel strenuous to go up and down the steps, the walking stride will become smaller, and it will be easy to trip over and collapse.

Furthermore, the muscles are reduced, and the burden on the joints will be increased, causing joint pain, and the posture of the boots will be deformed, causing back pain.

  In comparison, the abdominal muscles are the focus, including four groups of rectus muscles, external abdominal obliques, internal abdominal obliques, and transverse abdominal muscles.

The reason is very simple. The reduction of abdominal muscles and the disappearance of elasticity will inevitably cause a slight accumulation, which will cause the abdomen to loosen and coexist, commonly known as the general belly.

The few buried under the general’s belly tend to flow to the heart and the blood vessels in the brain, leading to fat deposits in the blood vessel wall and thickening of the tube wall. Medically known as atherosclerosis, obesity is more likely to cause hypertension, diabetes and higher than other parts.Fatal diseases such as blood pressure and stroke, it is natural for people to prolong life.

A study by the United States Centers for Disease Control reports that at least 15 diseases that can cause death are directly related to abdominal obesity. Subcutaneous abdomen in the abdomen exceeds the normal standard by 15-25%, and the mortality rate will increase by 30%, especially in cases of sudden death.The danger is greatly increased-the mystery of a longer belt and a shorter life.

  Test your abdominal musclesAre your abdominal muscles aging?

Take a self-test first and then tailor your exercise program.

Traditional sit-ups are the simplest main method for testing the age of the abdominal muscles: supine, knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat on the ground.

Keep your arms straight and your palms down.

Note that during the whole process, be sure to keep your arms parallel to the ground and keep your feet away from the ground.

Use 5 seconds to get up in a slow motion until the sitting position, pause for 1 second, and then restore it in 5 seconds.

If you can complete more than 10 times without stopping, you are considered qualified.

If you can’t complete the exercise 10 times, or you can’t finish the action at 30 degrees, it means that the abdominal muscles are seriously deteriorated.

  Exercise strength is the last word. If the test result is unsatisfactory, you need to exercise. Don’t be complacent if you pass the test, because the more developed the abdominal muscles, the better the longevity.

日本一位叫做福永哲夫的医学博士告诫人们:“钱可以借,但肌肉却‘借’不到,为了晚年的幸福,“储存肌肉”很有必要,储存的钱一旦使用就会减少,而储存The more muscles you use, the more you use them.

“And the best way to” save muscle “is to go to the sports field.

The following methods may be selected: bending over exercise: legs straight, waist bent down, arms and head drooping.

Hang in the air (don’t pursue your hands touching the ground), relax as much as possible, then get up naturally, step on the muscles of the hips and legs, stop for about 1 minute, and repeat 3 times.

Twice a day, can be effective for 2-3 months.

  Semi-recumbent method: The most effective way is to exercise the abdominal muscles in the semi-recumbent posture.

The easiest way is to lay on a thin cushion to do a sky pedal.

Lie on your back with your lower back pressed against the ground, your hands behind your head, and your legs raised.

Slowly step on the bicycle; exhale, lift your upper body, touch the left knee with the right elbow joint, and maintain the posture for 2 minutes, then touch the right knee with the left elbow, while holding it for 2 minutes, and then slowly returnTo the starting position.

  Lying down: Lay the upper body flat on the exercise ball, feet flat on the ground, arms flat on the side of the head, chin slightly retracted to the chest, exhale, contract the abdominal muscles and lift the upper body about 45 degrees, hold for 2 seconds;Then slowly return to the starting position.  Remember: Muscles are the most “knowledgeable”. As long as you can consistently give it a little “stimulation”, it will return you 10 times the benefit.

Therefore, it is statutory to maintain the continuity of exercise and not to “fish for three days and dry the net for two days”.

The mystery is that although muscles need sufficient time to supplement nutrients, they cannot rest for too long. If there is no exercise stimulation for 2-3 consecutive days, the previously changed exercise effect will gradually fade away.

Experts suggest that the rest time should be calculated based on the muscles’ ability to regain their last exercise. It usually takes 2-3 days.

In fact, the interval between exercises should not exceed 3 days.

  Nutrition must keep up. While insisting on exercising muscles, it must be supplemented with reasonable dietary measures.

  The first is to ingest protein purposefully. It is best to arrange 80% of protein intake for one day at lunch. Sometimes you need 90 grams of protein per day, and lunch should take about 70 grams.

Some protein foods are preferably fish, poultry, eggs, beans, etc. At the same time, eating certain fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, figs, etc., is more conducive to protein absorption and utilization.

Of course, it is necessary to make up for vitamins. If necessary, you can take the conversion of vitamin C and vitamin E under the guidance of a doctor to prevent muscles from rusting.

In addition, you can increase food as appropriate, such as four or five meals a day, often drink low-fat yogurt, drink plenty of water, and eat nuts (such as almonds) to increase muscle mass.

Don’t get into these three misconceptions

Don’t get into these three misconceptions

Exercise is conducive to the health and fitness of our body, but the method of exercise and the amount of time required to exercise should be appropriate. Therefore, when we exercise, we must grasp the method of exercise, which is mainly safety and must not be carried out.High-volume exercise and fast explosive sports.

  If the amount of large-volume exercise increases, the oxygen, nutrients and metabolites required by the human body will increase accordingly. This depends on the heart’s increased contraction and frequency, and increased cardiac output to transport.

When doing a large amount of exercise, the cardiac output cannot meet the body’s need for oxygen, leaving the body in a state of hypoxia and anaerobic metabolism.

Anaerobic metabolism does not use adults as the main energy release, but mainly breaks down the glycogen stored in the human body as energy release.

Because in a hypoxic environment, a small number cannot be used, and some incompletely oxidized acid substances, such as ketone bodies, are used to reduce human endurance.

Blood sugar reduction is an important cause of obesity. After a short period of high-intensity exercise, blood sugar levels decrease, and people often increase their appetite, which is not good for fat loss.

  For short-term exercise, during aerobic exercise, the glycogen stored in the human body is first used to release energy. After 30 minutes of exercise, the energy released from glycogen is released to a trace amount of energy. After about one hour of exercise, the exerciseThe energy required is mainly for adults.

  Fast explosive power human muscle is composed of many muscle fibers, which can be divided into two categories: white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers.

During exercise, such as when performing rapid explosive power exercises, the main muscles are white muscle fibers, and the cross section of white muscle fibers is relatively thick, so muscle groups tend to develop and grow strong.

Using this method to lose weight will become more and more “rough”.

  In short, if you want to achieve the goal of whole body weight loss, you should do low-medium intensity heart rate of 120-160 times per minute, continuous (more than 1 hour) endurance aerobic metabolism whole body exercise.

For example, aerobics, jogging, long-distance continuous swimming, etc.

Li Chen Bingbing, who is on the list of Forbes, needs to sell the property after paying 800 million bills?

Li Chen Bingbing, who is on the list of Forbes, needs to sell the property after paying 800 million bills?

Fans have disappeared for more than four months in the field of vision. Recently, they have finally updated their dynamics on Weibo. They used a little bit to cause a letter to announce the end of the storm, but this time the price is 8.

A huge fine of 4 billion.

In the face of a large sum of money, it is absolutely unreachable for us, the small people of this age. The number of people of this scale is equivalent to a person with an annual salary of 200,000, and it will take 4,500 years to complete the work day and night.

But don’t forget that this is still a fine for someone else.

After the event was broadcast, many netizens said that Bingbing was distressed. This time it seems that it is going to be a big bloodletting. Some netizens broke the news that Li Chen has placed himself at the Beijing Second Ring Value.

200 million quadrangle houses were sold to help their girlfriends pay bills.

After selling the courtyard, there are still 500 million left, but it is necessary to raise money by himself.

Recently, it has been reported that Fan Fan has already sold all of his 41 properties under his name.

Netizens also expressed their views on this matter. Many netizens thought that this ice-cold was really cool. In the face of such a big mark, it seems that it is hard to turn over.

However, some netizens believe that in the face of such a large mark, they can be excused from prison, and there must be someone behind her.

And everyone look at the Forbes mainland star’s income list, basically every year is the ice ice to replace the top of the list, plus the people behind her help her out of money, so this money is simply a small dish for hera plate of.

However, in any case, this ice-skating arithmetic is a big loss, but everyone said that it is a pain for her to save it. After all, people scored 8 billion, your salary is only 5,000 a month, still feel more distressed and distressed.

I don’t know how you think about Li Chen selling a house for ice-ice payment.

Wonderful use of schisandra, four medicines to promote sleep


Wonderful use of schisandra, four medicines to promote sleep

Sour food Schisandra – relieve insomnia Schisandra, commonly known as mountain pepper, scale scorpion, medicine Schisandra, vine, five plums, etc., Tang and other “new revision of the grass” contained “five flavors of meat and sweet, nuclear hard, have a salty taste”, so there areThe name of Schisandra.

The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine lies in nourishing and strengthening the body, replenishing yin and soothe the nerves, and the medicinal value is extremely high.

Five-flavored yam longan porridge practice: 100 grams of fresh raw yam, 15 grams of longan meat, 3 grams of Schisandra, the amount of sugar, has been 50 grams.

Peel the yam, cut into thin slices, put into the pot with longan and schisandra, add the washed rice, add some water, porridge, add sugar to taste.

1 dose a day, when you have breakfast or dinner.

Schisandra cake will be crushed into powder and sieved for use, once 10 grams, and then use 100 grams of glutinous rice flour, add the powder after mixing, mix well, steam on the cage, eat hot before going to bed, once a day.

This side is more effective in nocturnal emission and sleep, palpitations and insomnia.

Wuweishui is very suitable for work delivery, and people who have no soup to cook the soup take it.

Just add some medlar and schisandra to the thermos cup every day, and then drink with the scent until the taste is complete.

This tea is good for heart and brain, and insists on incorporation, and insomnia can be greatly improved.

Material: Schisandra two money, three money.

Practice: Wash and chop; schisandra is taken from the room and washed with vinegar; wash the material into a thermos cup, rush into boiling water, and put it in a cool place.

Schisandra chinensis soup 12 grams of rehmannia, 30 grams of lily, 20 grams of jujube, 10 grams of 顎勮繙蹇? 10 grams of Schisandra, 10 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, 20 grams of Eclipta prostrata, 10 grams of dragon teeth, 30 grams of mother-of-pearl.

Shuijianbi, one dose a day, twice a day.

Indications of heart yin deficiency, insomnia.