[How to steam hairy crabs]_ hairy crabs _ practice _ production method

[How to steam hairy crabs]_ hairy crabs _ practice _ production method

Anyone who likes to eat hairy crabs knows that in fact, the production of hairy crabs can be very simple, that is, steaming the hairy crabs directly, after the hairy crabs have been cleaned, and steamed for a few minutes, you can easily enjoy the most authentic taste of hairy crabs.

1. After you buy it, put the crabs in a water basin. The amount of water should drown the crabs and simmer them, otherwise it will struggle to hurt your hands when washing the crabs. It is recommended that you bring gloves.

When washing, use the kitchen toothbrush to clean the front and back of the crab, mouth and claw legs. Finally, carefully remove the holster that binds the crab. If the rubber bands are not removed, harmful substances will be generated by heating. It is recommended that you remove them.

2. Place the washed crabs with their claws facing up, place them neatly on a larger flat plate, and evenly sprinkle a little bit of salt on the crab (salt can help the steamed flavor to be more delicious, and it does not need to be absorbed.Ginger garlic and peppercorn anise can keep the original flavor of crabs.

You can try to see if what I said makes sense, but keep in mind that a small amount will be counterproductive. 3) When you are ready, put the crabs in the tray into the steam grid. The fresh crabs are now onlyIf you get mad, you can’t help but lament the impermanence of life.

For the time being, consider the ecological balance of nature. It is a gourmet bar in the population4. After steaming the crabs in the steamer over medium heat, turn off the heat for 5 minutes and turn off the heat for 5-10 minutes.You can open the pot to taste the delicious ravioli. Do not steam it for too long. After a long time, the crab meat will lose water and the flesh will lose its real taste. 5, open a crab to show everyone, there areThe crab is yellow and the meat is full. Although this crab head is not the largest, the meat is fresh and tender.

[How to make chopped noodles for lunch]_Homemade method of chopped noodles for lunch_How to make chopped noodles for lunch_How to make chopped noodles for lunch

[How to make chopped noodles for lunch]_Homemade method of chopped noodles for lunch_How to make chopped noodles for lunch_How to make chopped noodles for lunch

As the saying goes, people take food as the sky. It is very important to eat in a place replaced by everyone ‘s life. If you do n’t eat well, your body ‘s resistance will be easily disturbed, and you may take the opportunity to come to your door.The method is simple, and it can also improve the human disease resistance to a certain extent.

1. Take out the pasta and put it in a container, soak it in warm water, soak it for 5 minutes, then remove it for future use!

2, season the pork diced, add cooking wine raw chicken powder and put some soy sauce together and mix well!

3. Cut small pieces for lunch!

4. Cut the garlic and shallots into small sections 5. Heat the wok, pour the oil, and add the shallots and garlic. 6. Add the diced luncheon meat and stir fry together!

7, when the fried 8 is mature, pour the noodles together and stir!

8. Finally add your favorite flavors and you can start cooking!

If you want to enjoy your life, you can’t ignore the diet. The practice of chopped noodles for lunch is very simple. It is a good choice for those who want to be lazy and healthy.

Reduce intensity control exercise

Reduce intensity control exercise

After the Spring Festival, many people were anxious to get rid of their aunts accumulated during the festival, so they invested in fitness exercises.

In order to optimize the fitness effect, a fitness strategy should be formulated according to people, time and conditions.

  Reasonably adjust to the changes in fitness time. It ‘s rare to sleep late during the festival and let go of “sleeping”. After the festival, you do n’t need to rush to exercise after the holiday. You can master it flexibly and change it in the afternoon or evening. It meets the characteristics of the early spring climate and canKeep up the energy.

Do n’t exercise immediately after you are full, so as not to increase the burden on the digestive system and cardiovascular system, which will have a negative impact on the human body.

  The fitness method is adjusted to include fitness exercises in daily life. For example, when you are off work, you can walk for a while and climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator; watch TV instead of doing “sofa potatoes” and keep upright or light exercise; when you are gathering with relatives and friends, Arrange walks, badminton, table tennis, bowling, swimming, outings and other recreational activities.

  Adjusting the amount of exercise in festivals often breaks the routine, and people tend to feel tired. Just after the festival, the amount of fitness should be small or large. You can control the amount of exercise based on your feelings and by reducing intensity, time, frequency, or changing items.

  Perseverance during the Spring Festival, to prevent loosening, the food that eliminates high changes is more than usual, but physical activity is less than usual. Sudden termination of exercise is prone to “physical rebound”. After the holiday, you must pay attention to recovery, make reasonable arrangements, and exercise appropriately to achieve the idealFitness and disease prevention effects.

  People who are usually unfamiliar with exercise should prevent the rush.

Fitness exercises have their own special rules. We must grasp the appropriate “degree”, and we must not rush to achieve success, to avoid excessive fatigue and damage to the human immune function.

You can first participate in some easy and gentle exercise with small amount of activity, and gradually increase the amount of exercise as appropriate.

Lecture Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lecture Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine

From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the causes of the disease are nothing more than three major categories: one is the external cause, the other is the internal cause, and the third is the internal and external cause.

  The so-called external cause refers to some pathogenic factors experienced from the outside world (nature), which are equivalent to the parasites, bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc., which are now known. These substances exist in nature and cause diseases after they invade the human body.

These external pathogenic factors are also known as “foreign evil” in traditional Chinese medicine (the factors that are harmful to human body are collectively called “evil”).

  The so-called internal cause refers to certain pathogenic factors that arise in the human body, such as bad mood, improper eating habits, excessive exertion or ease.

These endogenous pathogenic factors are also called “endogenous evil” in Chinese medicine.

  The so-called non-internal and external causes mainly refer to a class of diseases with obvious etiology such as atrioventricular atrium, bruises, ruptures, burns, scalds, frostbite, and insect bite.

  In addition, there are some secondary pathogenic factors after illness, such as phlegm drink and blood stasis, which have become new pathogenic factors, damaging the human body and causing diseases.

  Let’s first look at the diseases caused by external causes (also known as “exogenous diseases”).

  The cause of exogenous diseases is external evils. Traditional Chinese medicine divides external evils into six types: wind, cold, heat, wetness, dryness, and heat (fire).

  In the natural world, there are normal climatic phenomena such as wind, cold, summer, wetness, dryness, and fire (heat).

Liuxian is an appellation for the abnormal changes of Liuqi.

The ancients believed that abnormal climate change can cause diseases (modern science also proves that in different climates, bacteria and viruses have different fertility and pathogenicity).

Traditional Chinese medicine uses the name “wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, heat (fire)” and its characteristics to summarize all the causes of diseases caused by external factors interfering with the human body.

  First look at the characteristics of pathogenic wind.

What kind of situation can we judge the patient feels the evil?

  Because the wind is the main air in spring, the wind in nature has a sudden, rising, spreading, coming and going, making things shake.

TCM has attributed the expected reasons for these characteristics to wind.

Wind-induced disease has the following four characteristics: ● Flying: The wind has the characteristics of floating up and out, so it is a yang evil, and the disease is characterized by the diseased position on the surface and easy dissipation.

Therefore, headache, nasal congestion, itchy throat, cough, bad wind, fever, sweating, etc. caused by a cold usually belong to the feeling of wind evil.

From the beginning of the disease, you can use “1 large ginger egg, 5 red dates, water decoction, warm clothes); you can also use 10 grams of perilla leaves, or 10 grams of nepeta, 6 grams of bellflower, 3 grams of licorice, decoction,Warm service.

The ginger, perilla leaves, and nepeta in the recipe all have the effect of dispersing wind. These prescriptions have a good effect on those who have early symptoms of colds such as bad wind, nasal congestion, itching, and cough.

  ● The number of good deeds: Good deeds refer to the complications caused by wind evil, which are characterized by the indeterminate position of the disease position, such as the pain of muscles and joints traveling, and rheumatoid arthritis with indeterminate pain.

The number of changes, that is, the manifestations of wind-induced pathogenic changes, such as itchy skin of acute measles, rashes appear from time to time, one after another.

Snake meat such as white flower snake and black-snake snake is commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat these joint and skin diseases, because snake meat has a good effect of expelling wind.

  ● Kinetic: It means that the wind evil has the characteristics of shaking, so all involuntary shaking, such as sudden fainting, dizziness, hand shaking, smoking, corner arch reversal, facial muscle spasm, etc., are all caused by wind evil.

Cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis caused by hypertension are characterized by sudden onset, fainting, unconsciousness, and tremor of mouth and eyes, so they are called “strokes.”

Also use anti-fengfeng medicine when treating.

  ● Frequently caused by evil: Wind evil multiple invades the human body separately, and often causes diseases together with other external evils, such as wind and cold, wind and humidity, wind and heat, wind and dryness, etc., forming complex pathogenic factors, causingThe disease manifests both characteristics of external evils.

Because wind is the main cause of exogenous diseases, there is a statement that “wind is the best of all diseases”, and sometimes even evil refers to external evils.

  Those who meet the above characteristics are diseases caused by wind.

In Chinese medicine, there are corresponding anti-wind drugs such as scattered wind, Qufeng and Xifeng.

Interpersonal relationship of housewives

Interpersonal relationship of housewives

Male friends.

  Almost all men still like to associate with their former boyfriends after marriage. This is a vast world, which makes them obtain emotional satisfaction and psychological balance.

This cannot be provided by gender relations.

  When husbands and friends are together, they are more willing to talk about their troubles, because they do not want to appear in front of their wives as weak people.

Their helplessness and extreme annoyance can only be expressed vividly in the presence of their close friends.

This is a human need.

  The wife should be considerate and understanding of the friendship between husband and friend.

  not limited.

The wife should be considerate of her husband from the bottom of her heart, and realize that sometimes the language and emotions between the husband and wife cannot completely make the husband express his own hobbies and interests.

There is a husband and wife who love calligraphy and carving art, and usually like to meet with friends, discuss calligraphy, carving and other issues, and talk about it late at night.

His wife never restricts, and these friends come to visit the family on New Year’s Day. The wife always takes the initiative to do housework and entertains.

As a result, the husband’s artistic accomplishment and the feelings between husband and wife are increasing day by day.

  No problem.

A man once said, “I was most moved that my wife’s least concern for me and my boyfriend was time and money.

It turned out that his wife gave him plenty of time to spend with his friends and never saved money, so her friends’ friends respected her very much.

  Not unionized.

Husband talking with friends is an emotional release.

What they say is mostly what they know, understand and feel.

Wife should respect their social activities and not inquire about many things in detail.

Of course, interrogation is necessary, and this is also concerned, but if everything is asked, the sentence “full root” is not appropriate.

  Female friends.

  Women are susceptible to suggestions, talking to female friends, and even more implicitly and indirectly, women will quickly understand, accept, and cause resonance and sympathy.

This is one of the reasons why men need female friends.

  Men’s psychology expects to find all kinds of friends, especially from female friends, to find different qualifications from male friends and their wives.

The husband associates with a female friend in the same way as a male friend, and there are also reasons for his association, some work reasons, life help and so on.

  It is irrational to express dislike to her husband’s female friends and colleagues.

The best way to deal with it is to turn your husband’s girlfriend into your own friend, participate in their interactions and activities, and gradually become their good friends.

  As for the husband’s former lover, the wife should pay more attention to methods.

The husband broke up with his former lover, but it is undeniable that they had a good past.

For the husband, he does not want to mention the past. A sensible wife should try not to mention such a topic in front of her husband, let alone deliberately ridicule and ridicule her husband when she conflicts with her.

This will not only stimulate the husband’s self-esteem, but also make the husband doubt the current love, and the boots affect the relationship between the husband and wife.

  In short, a generous wife should treat people with special temperament, grace, and cultivation, so as to become a woman admired by all the men and women of her husband.

Seven love keywords make perfect love

Seven love keywords make perfect love

Every girl wants to have a perfect love, but sometimes things go wrong.

Then have you noticed that some key words in our love process often control our love direction. If you can master these keywords well, your relationship must be more smooth and perfect!

  Shyness—If the word love is without shyness, it becomes like flirting. If a woman is without shyness, it is easy to be classified as a slut.

You have to understand-without shyness, a woman will look like a veteran Fengyue, while a man will be more like a prodigal son. Such a pair of men and women is not in love, but in business.

Don’t think that a woman with all kinds of styles is equal to a woman with coquettishness. A variety of true style is a gesture of affection and innocence between a girl and a woman.

The women who fascinate men are always embracing the pipa half-faced. In love, it is crucial to know proper shyness.

  Understanding-There is no doubt that this is a key word. If the two parties do not understand each other, all love must be declared broken.

Shiyou ### ‘s breakup men and women When it comes to breaking up, it always comes down to one: she (he) doesn’t understand me!

Men and women who do n’t understand each other can be sweet and loving, but men and women who do n’t understand each other can only be strangers, so you understand that you must understand it!

  Tolerance-There are no perfect lovers in the righteous words, and naturally there are no perfect lovers.

Know how to tolerate the other party ‘s shortcomings, and help him or her overcome or correct, then you are the one hundred percent lover who has mastered the secrets of love.

  Be jealous—If you are not jealous when in love, it means that you do not love deeply enough.

But if you are too jealous when you are in love, it can only be Lao Yan.

Being jealous is not the key, how much you can eat is the most important.

Woman, do appetizing vinegar in love, but not burn vinegar in love!

  Coquettish—Neutral men like women who coquettish, which makes them feel more like men and more proactive.

But blind coquettishness has become sexual, and wayward women, men are mostly afraid to avoid it.

If you have to believe it, then gamble on love and try it!

  Man who splits his legs-derogatory words make women all over the world indifferent, and women who are half-hearted also hate men.

Although women can cheer up: Men playing cheating is a concept of pleasure, but women often play cheating in order to find the most suitable object in comparison.

It depends on how deep your skills are.

Of course, in love, once a cheating phenomenon occurs, 99% of the time, the love is over!

  Test-Derogatory words should be regarded as a neutral word, but nowadays, as long as they are linked to “test”, they are mostly finished.

After all, you have to test to show that you are not confident and have some doubts about love and yourself.

Therefore, continuous experimentation will only prove one result-the previous doubts became one by one!

Again: don’t test love, because love can’t stand the test!

Inducing initial imbalances 7 reasons affecting immunity

Inducing initial imbalances 7 reasons affecting immunity

Obviously cherish his body, but always get sick.

This is a trouble many people encounter.

So I asked, did you pay attention to your initialization health?

If you look at the health of the primary, your immunity will decline, and diseases will naturally haunt you.

  Colds, fevers, high blood pressure, pneumonia, and bronchitis. When we are repeatedly repeated in these common lives, we can’t help asking how to get better quickly.

But have you ever thought about how to keep yourself from getting sick?

Medicine has shown that susceptibility to illness is the most direct manifestation of low immunity, so it is not just a simple matter of getting sick and taking medicine, we should also know how to plan ahead.

  do you know?

Fundamental health affects your immunity. Immunity is the body’s own defense mechanism. It is the body’s ability to resist foreign invasions, identify and exclude foreign bodies. Therefore, people with low immunity are prone to fragility and illness.To leave, we must strengthen our own immunity.

  So what determines our immunity?

In addition to congenital factors, the acquired environment also has a great impact.

We all know that the intermediate is an organ for digestion and absorption. In fact, it is not just that. It is also an important immune organ of the human body. It interconnects to help us absorb nutrients and replace the function of blocking harmful bacteria.All are deployed in the body, and the number of lymphocytes in the intestinal mucosa far exceeds other lymphoid tissues, forming an immune barrier with each other, and it plays a role in resisting bacteria and toxins, maintaining the stability of the internal environment and human immunity.Important role.

  However, while protecting our health, our intermediates are also affected by our diet, mood, drugs and other factors. When encountering some adverse factors, the beneficial bacteria in it will be reduced and the inherent flora will be out of balance., A variety of unhealthy conditions will occur.

Let us now look at the 7 factors that influence the health of interactions!

  1, partial eclipse, overeating do not pay attention to balanced replacement of nutrition, uncontrolled diet will affect the health of interaction.

  2. When the disease is sick, the advantage of harmful bacteria proliferation in the body will directly affect the balance of the intermediate flora.

  3. Improper use of antibiotics Improper use of antibiotics will affect the external environment, disrupt the intestinal flora balance and cause diarrhea.

  4. Bacteria contamination In hospitals and other environments, bacteria may spread to each other, which may cause chaos.

  5. As the age grows, it will inevitably begin to grow, and harmful bacteria will become more dominant, causing an imbalance in the flora.

  6. Sudden changes in temperature and temperature also cause intestinal flora.

  7, stress response, overwork Under the influence of bad mood, stress and fatigue, harmful bacteria in the intestine will increase, which is not conducive to food digestion and normal excretion.

Different blood type fattening foods are also different


Different blood type fattening foods are also different

Each blood type of human has a specific antigen and acts on phytohemagglutinin, a protein attached to food, in different ways.

When the plant hemagglutinin in the food “matches” with the blood type of the eater, it will have the effect of delaying aging, obtaining ideal body weight and improving immunity.

After that, the following healthy fattening foods classified by blood type are recommended for readers’ reference.

銆€銆€Type A blood, adapted to vegetarian soy protein is a healthy food for this type of person.

銆€銆€Regular consumption: beans and their products, fish, eggs, cheese, butter, etc., radish, onion, pumpkin, spinach, celery, garlic, lemon, pineapple, plum, apple, peach, raisin, cherry, linseed oil.

銆€銆€A small amount of food: all meat, caviar, crayfish, small squid, big oysters, shellfish, etc., whole milk and ice cream, cabbage, eggplant, pepper, potatoes, olives, pepper, banana, banana, coconut, mango, orange, vegetable oil.
銆€銆€Foods that can be fattened: meat, dairy, kidney beans and wheat.

銆€銆€Type B blood, suitable for meat and vegetables: a variety of meat, seafood, butter, oatmeal, rice and other cereals, cabbage, carrots, green peppers, broccoli, grapes, bananas, apples, grape juice, pineapple, olivesOil and cod liver oil.

銆€銆€A small amount of food: cheese, ice cream, all kinds of nuts, peanuts, cucumber, sesame, leeks, corn, pumpkin, radish, tomatoes, coconut, pomegranate, vegetable oil.

銆€銆€Foods that can be fattened: corn, lentils, peanuts, sesame, wheat.

銆€銆€AB type blood, which is suitable for both animal protein and plant protein types, is sensitive to many digestive systems. It is advisable to eat less meals.

Fish, tofu, green leafy vegetables and dairy products are all healthy foods.

銆€銆€O-type blood, suitable for high-protein foods: beef, lamb, squid, eggs, skim milk, tofu, garlic, radish, lettuce, onions, sweet potatoes and pumpkins, apples, grapefruit, grapes, pears, watermelons and peaches, olivesOil or linseed oil.

銆€銆€A small amount of food: goose, fat pork, ham, caviar, octopus, ice cream, yogurt, whole milk, mushrooms, olives, potatoes, white corn, corn oil or sunflower oil.

銆€銆€Foods that can be fattened: wheat and its by-products, corn, green beans, lentils, cabbage and broccoli.

Healthy and longevity with tea


Healthy and longevity with tea

As life improves, people want to live long and healthy.

There are numerous ways to maintain health in the society, such as “diet health”, “hobbies health”, “emotional health”, “sports health”, “function health”, “painting and health” and so on.

What the author advocates is 鈥渢o keep healthy with tea鈥?

銆€銆€Tea is a healthy drink, a civilized drink, which is the consensus of most people.

Nearly 3 billion people in more than 160 countries and regions around the world like to drink tea.

There are many benefits to drinking tea, and there are bound to be many.

It is said that drinking tea has “one hundred benefits and no harm”. It is said that drinking tea has ten functions, and that there is a saying that tea is a disease of many diseases.

Seeking truth from facts believes that tea has at least the following major benefits: First, tea can quench your thirst, and its thirst-quenching function is currently unavailable for any beverage.

銆€銆€Second, tea contains the rich nutrients necessary for the human body.

銆€銆€Third, tea can be toxic to a variety of diseases, including anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer and treatment of AIDS.

銆€銆€Fourth, tea can cure the sentiment and make people feel healthier.

銆€銆€Tea has so many advantages, because tea contains more than 500 kinds of chemical components, among which there are nutrients such as protein, amino acid, multivitamin, vitamins and inorganic salts, and tea is also rich in biologically active substance-tea polyphenol.

銆€銆€The current research on the physiological activity of tea polyphenols at home and abroad has the following effects: (1) Antioxidant effect Tea polyphenols as a natural antioxidant, as an effective measure to scavenge reactive oxygen free radicals.

It is also widely used in medicine.

In addition to diseases such as tumors, it also has satisfactory effects on burns, dilated implant syndrome, and cataracts.

銆€銆€(2) Detoxification is firstly the precipitation or reduction of ions in precious metals. The combination of tea polyphenols and proteins can inhibit the toxicity of bacteria and viruses, and has a strong inhibitory effect on various anti-cancer substances.

Fluoride is an antidote to alkaloid poisoning.

銆€銆€(3) Lipid-lowering effect Tea polyphenols can improve the body’s antioxidant capacity, reduce blood lipids, relieve blood hypercoagulability, enhance red blood cell elasticity, prevent thrombosis, relieve or delay atherosclerosis and hypertension, and cause protection, brainNormal function of blood vessels.

銆€銆€(4) Anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects of tea From the existing research, it is proved that green tea, black tea, flower tea, oolong tea and the like have a tumor suppressing effect, and in the epidemiological investigation, it is reported in the epidemiological investigation of people who have tea drinking habits or gastric cancer in residents of tea-producing areas.The standardized mortality rate is lower than that of non-tea drinking or non-tea-growing areas, and drinking tea is also effective in preventing malignant tumors such as skin cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and liver cancer.

銆€銆€(5) Tea anti-aging effect Tea and tea extract can improve the activity of superoxide dismutase in animals, delay the formation of lipofuscin in the body, enhance cell function, and achieve longevity.

銆€銆€The 21st century is an important development stage for human life science and biomedical engineering research. Tea has the nutrients needed by the human body and biologically active substances that are beneficial to human health. It can be called the most ideal beverage.

銆€銆€Drinking tea is good for health, but it should also pay attention to the right amount. The shade should vary from person to person. It is not advisable to drink strong tea on an empty stomach. It is not advisable to drink strong tea when taking medicine. It is not advisable to drink strong tea before going to bed.

As long as you drink tea scientifically, you will definitely live longer and healthier.

Unveiled fruit in the morning gold afternoon silver, the night is scrap iron!

“Unveiled” fruit in the morning gold afternoon silver, the night is scrap iron!

I have always heard that I have eaten fruit. In the morning, it is gold. In the afternoon, it is silver. It is the season when the fruit is on the market. But there are so many rumors about fruit. It’s true. It’s fake. Let’s do it today.Talk about this topic: rumor 1: Can not eat fruit before meals, affect digestion and absorption!

The truth is this. Eating fruit for half an hour before a meal can increase satiety, but it does not affect the digestion and absorption of food. The fruit is rich in sugar, which can be quickly converted into glucose in our body and absorbed by the body.Elevated blood sugar can quickly reduce the brain’s response to low blood sugar, coupled with the coarse fiber in the fruit, can give people a feeling of fullness, thus reducing the strong appetite, so that we are on the dietThe demand for sorghum and high protein is reduced, so that we will not overeating!

Rumor 2: You can’t eat fruit after a meal. It is best to eat fruit in the stomach after fermenting rotten rice. Eating fruit immediately after a meal, digesting slow starch protein and aunt, it will affect digestion, and quick fruit may be possible.Causes flatulence and other symptoms, especially those who are not very good in the stomach, I suggest you eat fruit one hour after a meal!

Rumors 3: Can not eat fruit on an empty stomach will stomach pain the truth is different from person to person, too much stomach acid digestion is not suitable for people to eat fruit on an empty stomach, if you have strong digestion, and gastric acid secretion is normal, then fasting fruit isThere is no problem at all. If you say that a friend has poor digestion function, excessive gastric acid secretion, and even gastrointestinal diseases, then do not eat fruits on an empty stomach, especially hawthorn bayberry. These sour fruits will makeThis is a bitter stomach!

Rumor has it that the fruit is the morning of this afternoon. Silver night is the truth of scrap iron. The nutrition and time of absorbing fruit are irrelevant. The ability of our body to digest and absorb fruits is mainly related to the secretion of digestive juice and the ability of gastrointestinal motility.There is no direct connection with time, whether it is morning or evening, as long as our gastrointestinal function is normal, the absorption of fruit has a difference in its solid wood. The big aunt can not eat fruit, easy to dysmenorrhea, selective eating of fruit can help easeMenstrual syndrome!

When the big aunt visitor, it is best not to eat watermelon pears and other cool fruits, but like the apple cherry jujube pomegranate durian, these mild fruits can be eaten, they can add water, but also can add vitamins and minesSubstance substances, relieve menstrual appetite, poor acid and so on, and so on?
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