Drinking water before eating is more beneficial


Drinking water before eating is more beneficial

Water is an important component of the human body, such as blood, lymph and secretions of the body. Water is about 60-70% of the weight of an adult.

Therefore, water is very important to us, and drinking water before eating can make your body healthier!


Improve attention: Help the brain stay alive and keep new information in memory.


Improve immunity: It can improve the vitality of the immune system and fight against bacterial invasion.


Anti-depression: A substance that stimulates nerve formation to fight depression.


Anti-insomnia: Water is a necessity for the manufacture of natural sleep regulators.


Anti-cancer: Makes the hematopoietic system function properly and helps prevent multiple cancers.


Prevent disease: It can prevent blood vessel embolism in the heart and brain.

銆€銆€Drinking water before a meal is good, but don’t drink too much time to eat. The food has no population. The stomach has slowly secreted gastric juice to prepare to digest food. When food enters the stomach through the mouth, it can be digested immediately.

銆€銆€If you drink a lot of water before eating, it will dilute the gastric juice, eliminate the digestion of gastric juice, so that the food can not be completely digested and absorbed. Over time, it will easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is best not to drink too much water before a meal, juice or soda should be avoided.

Some people who are losing weight think that if they drink a lot of water before meals and let the stomach feel full, they can reduce the food intake and achieve the purpose of losing weight. In fact, this will hurt the stomach.

How to eat healthy and healthy


How to eat healthy and healthy

Currently, the common paste-like foods on the market include sesame paste, lotus root starch, almond cream, oatmeal, walnut powder, and facial tea. These foods are popular among many middle-aged and elderly people because of their convenient consumption and nutrient-rich.

銆€銆€Black sesame paste and soy milk are eaten.

The main ingredients in black sesame paste are black sesame powder and starch.

The content of black sesame powder is more than 60%, mainly unsaturated, and there are calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin E, lecithin, vitamin A, D and other nutrients. These ingredients have health effects for middle-aged and elderly people.
The main glucose in black sesame paste is starch and sucrose, which is suitable for brewing.

It can be mixed with soy milk and milk, and the nutritional value is higher. The method is to heat the soy milk or milk to black sesame paste, and thus sesame black soy milk.

This combination is suitable for breakfast for most people, but older people with higher blood lipids should not eat for a long time.

銆€銆€I am weak and eat some powder.

The basic component of starch in glutinous rice is starch, and it also contains calcium, iron and the like.

After consumption, it is easily converted into glucose and the like in nitric acid and absorbed by the body.

It is suitable for mothers, children and the elderly who have weak gastrointestinal function. It is especially suitable for people with high blood pressure, liver disease, loss of appetite, iron deficiency anemia and malnutrition.

In order to more comprehensive nutrition, you can create vegetable minced powder.

That is, after the powder is prepared, it can be added to the chopped small rapeseed, Chinese cabbage and other favorite vegetables according to personal taste.

銆€銆€Almond cream moisturizes the lungs and coughs.

It contains protein, traces, radish and B vitamins.

Chinese medicine believes that almond cream has a good effect on cough caused by lung dryness.

The recommended recipe is the bean dregs almond cream. Pour a little cold water into the almond cream, stir it evenly into a white soup, and then simmer it with the finely cooked bean dregs.

銆€銆€Oatmeal promotes bowel movements.

In addition to glucose, oatmeal can also supplement dietary fiber, which can promote tandem peristalsis and help implant in vitro.

The best way to eat oatmeal is to cook raw oatmeal with rice into oatmeal, which is good for diabetics and other people who need to control conversion.

The 鈥渟weet cereals鈥?in the small package in the supermarket are mostly processed from wheat, cornmeal and other foods. There are many additives such as non-dairy creamer and sugar, which are small and high, and are not suitable for the elderly.

銆€銆€Corn paste is the most digestible.

Corn paste is a bit thicker with some polenta.

The cellulose content in corn is very high, 10 times that of rice. A large amount of cellulose can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, accelerate fecal excretion and bring harmful substances out of the body, which is of great significance for prevention and treatment of constipation, enteritis and rectal cancer.

And made into a paste, a variety of nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body, meals, meals can be eaten.

Weight loss drugs can’t be spent on the sky


Weight loss drugs can’t be spent on the sky

The hot summer is coming, and for the ladies who love beauty, weight loss has become an urgent matter.

A few people are worried about the unfortunate experience of accumulating in the winter, and a “slimming war” is also coming.

銆€銆€In the past few days, the reporter conducted a survey on slimming products in the Xi’an market. It is found that due to the wide variety of weight-loss products on the market, a large number of weight-loss people do not understand the personal situation, the choice of weight-loss products is relatively random.

Experts remind the beauty of the United States, in the case of understanding their physical condition, and then carry out targeted weight loss, we must carefully choose weight loss products.

銆€銆€A wide variety of different large-scale publicity reporters saw in some pharmacies in Xi’an, weight loss health foods and diet pills are the main products, pharmacy replacement, weight loss drugs and weight loss health foods.

“The squandering of flowers is becoming more and more fascinating.” This article is used to describe the current market for weight-loss drugs. This is the most appropriate thing. In the face of this “small flower flying” situation, consumers will inevitably “pick the eye”.

銆€銆€In a large pharmaceutical supermarket in East Street, the reporter saw several weight-loss products placed on the shelves of health products.

The salesperson said that spring and summer are the peak season for sales of weight loss products. There are dozens of weight loss products currently available in the market, ranging from granules and capsules to small vibrometers.

銆€銆€It is understood that the weight loss products on the market mainly include weight loss health foods, diet pills, topical weight loss products and weight loss devices, but they account for a share of weight loss health foods and weight loss drugs.

At present, there are only two types of slimming western medicine approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. Sibutramine and orlistat (Senico) have a large number of weight-loss drugs, but most of them are these two drugs.

According to the weight loss health food, the form is mainly slimming tea drinks and capsule preparations, and the commonly used raw materials are all homologous substances in traditional Chinese medicine.

銆€銆€During the visit, the reporter found that a large number of weight loss health foods are only suitable for simple obesity, using absolute vocabulary on the instructions and leaflets, what “never rebound”, “completely no toxic side effects”, etc.It’s very easy.

Tangdu Hospital internal secretion department Jiao director weighing, weight loss products mainly through the enhancement of body metabolism, inhibition of appetite, in the body to achieve weight loss.

But for patients with essential hypertension, diet pills can only control the weight no longer develop, while weight loss health foods can only play a supporting role.

銆€銆€Experts reminded that the causes of obesity caused by the wind can be blindly followed by genetic factors, acquired factors, endocrine disorders and many other reasons, but modern people’s obesity and alternative energy and energy consumption are less, and exercise is less.

Experts say that starting to lose weight can not be blindly used, you should first consult a doctor to find out what is the cause of obesity, whether there are complications caused by obesity (hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, high uric acid, etc.), if these are concurrentIn the case of illness, we must also do the corresponding treatment while losing weight.

Weight loss should be considered from the basic aspects of increased exercise, diet control, energy balance and so on.

銆€銆€When choosing a diet or weight loss health food, you must first have a comprehensive understanding of your physical condition.

Before buying, you should see the weight loss mechanism of the drug on the instruction manual to ensure that it is safe and effective for yourself; then see if the weight loss product has obtained the relevant quality certificate submitted by the Ministry of Health, and you can also call the hotline of the product first.The specific situation of the product, at the same time listen to the opinions of the companions; the key depends on the approval number of the weight loss product, whether it is approved by the national authority such as the national drug quantification batch number.

Finally, you can choose the big brand, the big manufacturers’ products, so that there is quality assurance.

Six enhanced willpower coups


Six enhanced willpower coups

Good habits everyone wants to persist, but helpless 90% of people are unable to persist because of lack of willpower, mental health experts sum up six enhanced willpower coups.

銆€銆€Consider more long-term consequences and not covet short-term happiness.

People can use the “thinking about the future” model to increase their willpower.

For example, before smoking a cigarette, and considering the short-term pleasure ratio, people who consider the long-term harm of smoking can better resist the temptation to block cigarettes.

銆€銆€look away.

Psychologists suggest that when a bad habit strikes, a light fist can shift your attention to the movements and feelings of the fist.

銆€銆€Establish practical and small goals.

Studies have shown that people who accept smaller changes (such as sitting up straight, etc.) score better in self-control tests, with smaller goals and the possibility of achieving them.

銆€銆€Do not hungry, ensure adequate sleep.

Psychologists say that the proportion of people who have a full stomach, because of the lack of eating, resulting in low blood sugar, the ability to control themselves is even worse.

The lack of sleep also has a poor self-control ability.

銆€銆€Stick to three weeks.

The development of a new habit must pass a three-week transition period so that the brain can visualize its daily activities.

In addition, occasionally one failure does not mean that the plan fails.

What do oral cancer patients eat for their condition?


What do oral cancer patients eat for their condition?

There are many methods for the treatment of oral cancer, but if you can combine the diet therapy to restore the disease after treatment, what do oral cancer patients eat for the disease?

Let’s take a look at what oral cancer can eat.

First, oral cancer diet 1, tomato scrambled eggs, tomato loofah soup are two more common dishes, the practice is not necessary to say.

The lycopene contained in tomatoes helps to kill abnormal cells, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, prevent the spread and metastasis of tumors, and has a good complementary effect on oral cancer.

2, mung bean soup, radish juice, watermelon juice, sugar cane juice These juices and soup water can relieve the symptoms of dry mouth, less red tongue and moss, can nourish yin and fluid, can ease the replacement of radiotherapy.

3, mushroom lean pork soup, longan red dates lotus seed soup, this two can enhance immune function, Qi and blood.

4, porridge porridge this porridge can spleen appetite, protect digestive function, replacement by chemotherapy.

In addition, oral cancer patients can also eat more squid, red beans, medlar, walnuts, turtle, kiwi, leeks, plum, lemon, hawthorn, almonds, honey, lotus root and other foods, can promote advanced body recovery.

Second, does oral cancer eat some kind of good for the body?

1, eat more rare foods, such as a variety of porridge.

2, eat more vegetables, fruits.

3, enhance the body should eat white fungus, black fungus, mushrooms, Hericium, chicken, sea cucumber, glutinous rice.

Reminder: Every patient’s physique is different from the condition, so they adapt to different foods.

Patients should refer to the advice of the doctor when making a diet plan.



How to lose weight quickly?

Everyone has troubles, and I believe that most people have common troubles that are “obese.”

Some obese people barely dare to stand in front of the mirror, because the mirror itself is a round, non-angular face, rounded shoulders, slightly lifted belly.

Are you obsessed with weight loss at the moment?

In fact, weight loss is very simple, and the weight loss effect of traditional Chinese medicine is accelerated.

The following is a small series for you to explain the alternative reference for Chinese medicine weight loss formula.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine weight loss formula one, 30 grams a day, scorpion tea service, 1 time in the morning and evening, for 7 weeks, no contraindications, generally 1 month after the weight can be reduced 2.

6 kg.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine weight loss formula one, cassia 30 grams, Ze Yan, Yu Liren each 15 grams, fire hemp, hawthorn each 10 grams, powder, 20 grams per bag, 3 times a day, each time 1-2 bags, half an hour before meals.
銆€銆€Chinese medicine weight loss formula three, yam dynasty treatment of high fat obesity, qi and spleen, Lishui Xiaozhi; 30 grams of Chinese yam, cassia 30 grams.

The yam and cassia seed are fried and researched together.

Take 5 grams each time, 3 times a day.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine weight loss formula four, plantain lotus leaf tea cure simple obesity, anti-inflammatory water, lipid-lowering weight loss.

Lotus leaf, plantain aliquot; the above drugs are studied at the end, 15?
30 grams is a bag.

Take 1 bag each day after getting up every morning and every night before going to sleep. Soak 10 with boiling water 250ml?
15 minutes, once served.

30 days is a course of treatment. After one course of treatment, the drug is stopped for two weeks.

Continue to take the next course of treatment.

銆€銆€The above is a description of some Chinese medicine weight loss formulas, I hope to help you.

But Xiao Bian reminds that each person’s physique is different, the method of weight loss is also different, suitable for others may not be suitable for themselves, weight loss should choose the method that suits you, do not blindly lose weight, so as not to cause damage to your health.

Increased fat and oversized diet paper_1


Dieting papers

You can consider milk, almonds, sesame seeds, cashews and other foods. You can add almonds and sesame powder to the milk to drink. Cashew nuts can be eaten as snacks, which will have a good effect.

銆€銆€In the population distribution structure of society, underweight is also a very common ethnic group.

It is only under the current trend of weight loss in society that those who are underweight are the objects that ordinary people envy.

However, in fact, people who are underweight are prone to malnutrition, fatigue, depression, muscle loss and other symptoms.

In severe cases, the immunity will worsen and it will become ill, especially for the elderly with chronic diseases, which will increase the complications and the chance of bad afterwards.

銆€銆€Weight gain does not increase fat. The significance of fattening and weight gain is not the same.

Because “fertilization”, as the name suggests, is to increase the proportion of body tissue, and “weight gain” should include the growth of muscle tissue in addition to a few increases.

I think what you should ask is 鈥渨eight gain鈥?instead of 鈥渇at increase鈥?

銆€銆€The weight of the human body is roughly derived from bones, muscles, tiny, moisture and other internal organs, and the resulting “weight gain” should focus on the muscles, a slight increase in proportion.

So, how do we carry out the physical transformation project?

The answer is still “diet” and “sports”!

銆€銆€Diet, diet, high protein, high reproductive diet, is the only way to gain weight.

Concentrated protein and high-metabolism foods, such as heavy cheese cakes, small pastry, small cakes, etc., a small amount of meals, supplemented with papaya enzymes or comprehensive enzymes to help digestion, to increase the digestion and absorption efficiency of food.

銆€銆€Protein selection Choose an excellent source of protein, such as eggs, milk, meat, poultry, etc., which should account for more than half of the daily protein content.

The vegetable protein is separated by the extracted soy protein powder, which is better because there is less plant fiber that blocks absorption.

Is it better to eat meat or drink milk?

For those who are efficient, you can try to drink high-protein milk powder (such as three milk proteins), which is higher than the absorption of normal milk, the protein absorption of meat, and better absorption and absorption.

銆€銆€The selection of sugars is also an important part of the selection of high-starch foods, such as white toast, taro, rice, sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin and so on.

When injecting, you can lick, soup, or soup, or add some maltodextrin (generally called corn starch starch, which can be directly added to food) in soup or juice, milk, and increase the intake.

銆€銆€Adults choose the oil portion and use the best medium-chain fatty acid (MCT) to increase the absorption of concentrated conversion.

Pure medium chain fatty acids (MCT) are used in combination with general fats because they do not contain “essential fatty acids”.

It is recommended to use medium-chain fatty acid products (eg, more than three high heat) that have been mixed with essential fatty acids to avoid the lack of essential fatty acids.

It is generally recommended that the medium chain finance account for the total amount of oil used, not exceeding 60%.

What are the symptoms of uterine prolapse?


Uterine prolapse can be divided into 3 degrees

What are the symptoms of uterine prolapse?
Uterine prolapse can be divided into 3 degrees

Uterine prolapse refers to the normal position of the uterus descending along the vagina. The external cervix is below the level of the ischial spine, and even the uterus is completely removed from the vaginal opening, which is called uterine prolapse.

So what are the symptoms of uterine prolapse in the clinic?

Let’s take a closer look at the uterine prolapse.

Symptoms of uterine prolapse 1. Urinary dysfunction: complicated vaginal wall bulging, dysuria, urine retention.

Some people also show stress urinary incontinence, that is, when they cough, sneeze, and when they are walking, they can overflow urine.

The genital area can be inflamed and painful due to prolonged urine irritation.

2, the tumor is removed from the vagina: the uterus is initially released when the abdominal pressure is increased, and can be automatically returned after the rest.

When the condition worsens, the uterus sag for a long time, and the mass is getting bigger and bigger, you must pay it by hand.

The condition continues to develop, and the tissue that is released is congested and edema, so it cannot be repaid, resulting in difficulty in walking, and even inability to move and rest in bed.

3, backache and falling sense: patients with uterine ptosis often feel sore waist and have a sense of falling, anus, vagina can fall.

After bed rest, there will be a turnaround.

4, the change of the uterus: the long-term prolapse of the uterus outside, local thickening, keratinization, due to friction and ulceration, so that secretions increase, secretions sometimes with blood.

5, difficulty in defecation: such as concurrent rectal bulging, you may have difficulty in defecation, sometimes you need to push the mass back to discharge stool.

Uterine prolapse can be divided into 3 degrees I degree: the uterus is lowered, the cervix is located between the ischial spine and the vaginal opening. When the vaginal examination is performed, the cervix is within 4 cm from the vaginal opening.

II degree: The cervix has been removed from the vaginal opening, and the uterus or part of the uterus is still in the vagina.

However, because the scope is too large, only the cervix will be removed from the vaginal opening, and the severe one may be prolonged due to the cervix, so that the prolonged cervix and vaginal wall all come out of the vaginal opening.

II degree uterine prolapse is divided into light and heavy two types.

Light II degree: the cervix and part of the anterior wall of the vagina are turned out of the vaginal opening.

Weight II: The cervix and part of the uterus and most or all of the anterior wall of the vagina are pulled out of the vaginal opening.

III degree: refers to the entire uterus and the cervix and all the vaginal anterior wall and part of the vaginal posterior wall are turned out of the vaginal opening.

Tips: To solve all kinds of gynecological problems, the key is to solve the problem fundamentally!

So maintaining the reproductive system is the key!

C Ronaldo wants to be desperate!


Juve Health Football is afraid of fear that the team will not change the style and struggle for the Champions League

C Ronaldo wants to be desperate!
Juve Health Football is afraid of fear that the team will not change the style and struggle for the Champions League

In the 10th round of Serie A, Juventus defeated Empoli in a 2:1 away game. In this game, C Rom茅 scored twice to solve the battle by himself. From the 90 minutes of the game, the fieldThe game Juventus was not happy, because the team still exposed the big problem on the road to the title: “health football” played a horrible and shocking.

In this game against Empoli, Juventus surpassed the absolute initiative on the field, but the team’s offense is a small thunder and a small rain, on the contrary, Empoli as a team weak is the first to break through the stiff side of the game.And it is a beautiful ground to match the offense. On the other hand, Juve here, the frontcourt players are alone, the sidewalk players blindly pass, these can not create a threat to the Empoli goal.

In the second half, Juventus’s equalizing goal came from a penalty kick created by Dibala, and Juventus’s go-ahead goal was from C Ronaldo’s peripheral world wave. These are all unfortainable goals.Juventus brought in 3 points, and the ground attack tactics that Juventus Meimei most wanted to expect were not shown. It can be said that Juventus was completely suppressed by Empory in terms of skills and tactics.

Of course, if Juventus really puts down his mind to play the offense, I believe that Empoli is difficult to stop Juve, but Juve is still committing the old problem. After C Ronaldo tied the score, Juventus began to play a big health game.The scalp is numb, the frontcourt attack is not speeding up, the players are not active, and the lack of sharp cooperation to tear open the defense, and ultimately can only rely on C Ronaldo to use the world wave to overtake the score.

After the team overtakes the score, Juventus has almost satisfied the score, and the team is still the Serie A style “shougang”!

Even if the frontcourt created a great offensive opportunity, it would have to delay the time to delay the time. This style of watching fans wants to marry the mother, and in fact the last round of the league against Genoa, the Champions League against Manchester United in the Champions League, Juventus has been repeatedShow such a ball style!

This is the place where Juventus has a headache. It is also the reason why the team has repeatedly lost in the Champions League final. Health care football big health care, one goal will let the team put down the attack and fully defend, but look at the performance of Real Madrid, Barcelona,Want to win the Champions League, do not take 3?
4 goals, don’t have any extravagance!

Juventus needs to change the technical and tactical style, especially after getting C Ronaldo, he should build skills and tactics around him. If he still uses the fighting set, then it is difficult to compete for the Champions League with C Ronaldo. JuventusThere are cruel failure lessons in the Champions League final.


Brain-shocking action to slow down aging


Brain-shocking action to slow down aging

Punch, palm alternate left hand fist, right hand stretched.

The fingertip points to the left hand small fish (the little finger side of the left fist), then the right hand clenches the fist, the left hand reaches the palm, and the fingertip points to the right hand small fish (the little finger side of the right fist).

Such alternating left and right, alternating 20 times in 15 seconds for excellent results, 15 times for good, 15 times for poor.

If the initial results are not satisfactory, you can practice more in the long run.

銆€銆€鎼?alternately take a sitting position, put your left hand on the left thigh, and move forward and backward.

Put your fist in your right hand and put it on your right thigh.

Such a move, skilled and then change hands.

That is, the left hand replaces the fist.

Place it on the thigh up and down, replace the palm with your right hand, and swing forward and backward on the right thigh.

Such an accurate alternation, with 30 times per minute for excellent results, 20 times for good, 20 times for bad.

銆€銆€The thumb and the little finger alternately make a fist in the left hand, imitating the thumb, making a fist in the right hand, imitating the little finger, and then changing hands.

That is, the left hand will withdraw the thumb.

Hold the little finger and re-insert the little finger with your right hand and hold the thumb, so alternate.

It is excellent to alternate 15 times in 1 minute, 10 times as good, and 10 times or less.