[How does wolfberry dry?

】 _How to dry_How to dry

[How does wolfberry dry?
】 _How to dry_How to dry

Lycium barbarum is a kind of food with very high nutritional value. It is a purely natural growing fruit. It transforms vitamins and anti-aging ingredients and can be used to nourish the body.

People generally consume dried wolfberry because dried wolfberry has less water and most of the pulp is the essence left behind.

And the dried fruit tastes better and more mellow.

It takes a process from fresh fruit to drying. Let’s take a look at how to dry wolfberry.

Drying method: ① drying: spread fresh fruit on a bamboo mat or bamboo sieve, thick 2?
3 cm, the first two days should not be exposed to strong sunlight, use the sun before 10 am and after 3 pm, noon to the sun-dried ventilation.

By the 3rd day, you can dry in the sun.

Avoid flipping by hand when drying, generally 8?
10 days.

② Drying: Put the fresh fruit on a bamboo mat or bamboo sieve, and place it in the drying room. Use 40?
Bake at 50 ℃ for 24?
36 hours, part of the fruit appeared part of the shrinkage wrinkles, and then the temperature was raised to 50?
Dry at 55 ° C for about 24 hours.

Fold dry carbonic acid about 25%.

Wolfberry is rich in nutrients and is a natural raw material with comprehensive nutrition.

Lycium barbarum contains a large number of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and other essential nutrients for the human body. It has three major pharmacological effects of promoting and regulating immune function, liver protection and anti-aging, and has irreplaceable medicinal value.
Efficacy: 1. Medical doctors of all ages treat liver suffocation, kidney yin deficiency and vision blindness and night blindness, often using Chinese wolfberry.

Lycium barbarum contains β-carotene b, lutein, etc., which can improve human immune function, prevent tumor formation and prevent atherosclerosis.

Chinese medicine believes that Chinese wolfberry is sweet, flat, and enters the liver and kidney meridians.

2. Hypoglycemia: Lycium barbarum extract can significantly and persistently reduce blood glucose in rats, increase glucose tolerance, and is less toxic.

Lycium barbarum extract 6g / kg, intraperitoneal injection, continuous rabbit blood glucose decreased by about 13% within 2-3 hours, and then gradually recovered.

Some people think that its hypoglycemic effect is due to the inclusion of an integral derivative.